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Now, it's time for some twin cities to narrate talk with foodies one actually knows what that talking about the other just does it to be pretentious soup. It's the soup of the day. Sounds good. That bringing her expert opinion, it's many apples, Saint Paul food critic Darah, I might be conducting class on. Carte etiquette at the grocery store. Ooh. I do that. I've had a number of just people not paying attention people not being respectful. I was telling you guys off fair the other day bug me so much somebody's like it was almost as if they had the Lahti dot car, and they parked diagnosing right in the middle of it. So I just took the cart and I pushed history down the aisle. Oh now, I kept walking. So that was oh, look it has he has another Pepsi and a can he's just come in to fill in. He waited. Interesting. I like this. I was just reading the story the other day about. Thank we're in the oh, you guys. There was just this beautiful moment. We hug. Yeah. I've already had one today. It can I okay. Let me ask this can I trust my fellow CCOO employees know, if I put the nectar of the God, which is Pepsi and a can in the fridge will it be here tomorrow tomorrow. Yeah. Monday, no, no zero chance here. Okay. It doesn't make it to midnight zero chance. Now, if what if I somehow a poxy my name on there. No, no epoxy. Yeah. I just got a woodshop back there. Want to apologize for all the bashing? You've been doing the last three days was fact-based. Yes, or no. Did you bring in a Pepsi for me other day? No, okay. There we go. Yes. Or no. Did I bring went in for you today? We'll days later. I mean, you you, I guess not the point. I put so much guilt on you. Slightly. That's why we can't have nice things in America. Guilt ridden. Can't even this is why nothing gets through congress. No palm launching investigation. That's launched several investigations. Let's launch arrival investigations. And then let's leak the findings to. Dan cooking. Anyway, I'm still on the show. So let's talk about the election law. Yeah. Let's talk about let's talk about alcohol in many in Annapolis hearing Mindy, Annapolis. We have had a I didn't realize that all this stuff is just in the charter in the city charter. So it can't be changed city council. Can't change it. Nobody can change it. So there's liquor laws that are just limping along from prohibition times just stuffed in the charter. And they can't be changed by anybody wanna buy range something right ballot initiative. Well, apparently this I didn't realize this. But every so so here's what was in the charter said that in order to have serve liquor. You had to be in a parcel of land. That was on seven contiguous acres with other parcels of land that also were serving cocktails it just feels like oh, and then you'd be walking around with a pig on a leash at a jug. It seems so crazy like seven, contiguous acres. What is that? Anyway. Where is that? In minneapolis. It's downtown. If you're in downtown out served tells and town place, right? And then everyone else, I didn't even know this up until this point was the lobbying the state legislature to get a little thing tax on like a highway Bill that would say oh pepitas conserve conserve liquor. What an inefficient and stupid system. So apparently politics stupid inefficient. No, I don't even know if this counts as politics. This is like a, you know, it's like a weird one of those weird laws on the books like a squirrel your pants to, you know, run for state auditor like. Wow. But anyway, so the good people have Minneapolis remove this by by city by vote, right? I'm really happy about this. Because it's so remind me wasn't a resounding victory was a resounding seventy seven percent voted to change it should. And so this is just gonna every little Mexican place now is going to have Margaritas. You still have to go through the liquor license application process, but it's going to make life much fairer. I'm all for it. And I saw Kate Raddatz reported on last night. They interviewed somebody you tout an awful lot. Steve Brown who's had also success, including his to me is signage place in town Talia, which I was that last night. I still think it's one of the five if I had to pick my five favorite places in town. Absolutely in my in my top five and now, they're going to do it. Yeah. And a lot of places are and one of the things I think people who just kinda peripherally participate in cocktail world don't realize that it only takes one bartender. You know, pulling in ten twenty grand on a contract to really change, the city's culture, the whole drinking culture, you know, they just a little foothold to do a whole bunch of interesting stuff, and this is going to change it's gonna change everything. Well, not everything it's gonna make things better. I'm happy about it. Well, let's get back to the grocery cart controversy about this tax. I absolutely cannot tolerate small kids pushing big or small grocery carts or small about. Okay. Where do you stand in the small kids Bush in the small door Dora? Okay. They're adorable. I get. But what if they're in the way, what if you have to wait repeatedly, define the way. You're busy. You gotta go. Yes. Or no. You can push the kid out of the way, Dan. Yes. Or no. Kid, but you're allowed to push the kid down to the ground and goodbye, no show. Bottom of down one just shoulder. Now, we live here once a month once a month you're allowed to do that. No. You can't push children down there. I've I'm laying down the law. I think it's a doorbell cart and a little toddler is pushing their cart. What percentage of thing in the world? What percentage of our audience actually thinks I'm being serious, right? Presented. You're deciding earlier I think it's pretty similar presented to be all a tax. You really think? Kids should be harmed. Yeah. That's that's what I'm saying. I like the when they pushed the little cards, and I like it when they're just sitting in cards. I mean kids live and up the whole grocery experience. Eating out of the Salazar with their little fists. I don't like that. Are we are? We are we going. We're going to hear that. She has the perfect children. Because there are you saying every time when might four year old was just lying down in the middle of the I'll having a complete meltdown. I was mortified it. I didn't know what to do. How do you pick him up? Wait a second. Did you just tell us that kids just make the grocery experience, even better? Yeah. Every time they don't I see a four year old having a meltdown. Here's the great experience. I have as I age data that here's a joy of her experiences, laughing and others woes damn that's laughing at other people's woes. It's leg. It's. Oh, it's not that at all. It's like when you see drunk girls on the street. You're just like oh age data that like it just gives you a good feeling about the the passage of time, and where you are and the human community. Don't you get that Chad the other humans you like CNN, and they remind you of other things happened. No. That's not you. Yeah. I mean, you just told me that you're laughing at drunks on the street laughing at us like I'm enjoying them. There, you know, under dressed for the weather and their skittering around and they're tiny high heels, and they're not gonna remember any of this. They're fallen integrates. It's a good time. Come on you. Maybe you have to have lived it where you have to have been a ridiculous. What are they falling in great? Hi heels and great, I'm aware. It was pretty much every other Friday night for you in college wasn't a Chad Amine. It's right now. What are you talking about his? I'm still out there. Oh, yeah. The commitment to an outfit in Minnesota. I mean has to be applauded because still wearing the short dress and the heels when it's snowing or it's five below twenty below and they're just zipping through the parking garage. I don't I'm not laughing at them. I'm laughing with them in memory of what I was. So foolish is a good time. Come on tell me about this meet tax. I'm so angry about this meat tax. So happy about children grocery stores of so angry about dummies. Okay. So there is a bunch of papers circulating news stories about how meets not good for you. Therefore, we should tax it. We should have a hundred and sixty three percent tax on bacon as a thing is fills me with such rage. I can't even tell you. We. We have had such bad nutritional news stories. Not the news is bad. It's the stories themselves like misunderstand statistics, misunderstand causation versus correlation. Misunderstand how flimsy some of these studies are and this is based on some of the flimsiest studies, you give people a. Scoresheet you ask him to rate their diet. Then you see if they're sick. And then you make a study, you know, it's like you can who are you giving these studies to are you giving are you actually know that what they're putting on the sheet is true. Are you just finding you know disadvantaged people who are living in, you know, eating processed food from gas stations in shelters, and then they're checking that down you're saying they have health problems because of this. The studies are so terrible. And the idea that we would have policy based on this all of a sudden, we have you're eating whole foods. You're eating milk bacon. Steaks. I don't care what it is real food people that eat real food that can afford. It are healthy. That's all are we gonna see more of this more on my anger problem. No, more dumb taxes like this. I don't know if we'll actually see the tax go thrill. But if we we will see more stupid news stories about food from people who don't understand the landscape forever. It's been part of my life for so long and the targets just kind of change. But there was this guy named Brian Juan sync who did a ton of studies lead like a USDA advisory board for a while all of his work was just debunked. It was all just like just pulling numbers out of the air uh. So if you're eating it has had real world consequences for all kinds of people people always say, well, nobody listens to this. Well, Ron types. I know a lot of people are forced to listen to this all institutions. So if you're you're in a big in the institutions, you're in a nursing home, you're in a cafeteria shot in my listening to you are eating exactly what the government tells you to eat. Yeah. You get letters from prison. All the time. I still want us to kidding I well, maybe not anymore since somebody's harmed at a prison every other week. But I've still said we should do her show at the prison to fifty two. That's our Linda's construction. Timeshare time to improve the look of your home with our clog, free, leafguard brand gutters, and yours. Tune in about five minutes. Go Dera said there's a small kid in your way, you're allowed to push him or her out of the way. Dot com. I'm Jay Farner, CEO.

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