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They said these guys are perfect. And unfortunately, what the movie wanted to pay and what WWF wanted for their services. Big gap. Gotcha. So they suggested Paul Roma and Jim powers. WWF did. Because they would work for the money. The wild stallions. So they came out. To do a screen test. Well, it didn't make the break. And then I think like I said they ended up with roddy and for the bad guys. For the bad gotcha. And I had to call back WW F and say, well, they're not going to use those two guys. Right. And they said, well, I'll let the boss know and probably be disappointed. But that was it. It wasn't right for the movie to make happen. Well, the next thing, though, now Ed and I had developed a bit of a relationship, he was a fan of certain musical tastes that I had and we talked a little bit more comfortably. And it was easier to get ahold of them. I would call them, are you going to call back? And at least I had shown him that I had the ability to try to connect talent. With a real job. I wasn't just some person out wanting to meet wrestlers. So then, of course, I had seen Jesse on Tuesday night Titans. Everything from his reverend attitude to prince, show me on the phony prince. Oh, did he? Oh, he brought on an impersonator. And he tried to convince he kept saying McMahon, look at this. Prince is here. I brought prince to the show. That's great. I didn't know that. Tuesday night Titans were one of my favorite viewing spots for wrestling. And I said to him, I'd like to connect with Jesse Ventura. And he said, well, I don't know, let me see out of the blue. I didn't bother him again. Out of about two weeks later, he goes, hey, I think I can make a phone call happen for you, me and Jesse. I said, great. That'd be wonderful. We got on a phone call together. No zoom. Nothing like that. You're able to even get three people. Connect people on a party line like that. And now we're still in 1985. And again on with Jesse and at the end of the conversation, Jesse says, hey, when I'm in LA next and I'm going to ask to be booked there when I can be. Why don't we meet? Well, now it turns out where he was going to be in LA on May 16th, 1985. And I was looking through what we call breakdowns. What parts were available for actors all over. And I saw there was a role in a show called hunter at Stephen cannell productions. And Stephen cannell was doing the 18 and big time big, big top television producer. He's no longer with us as well, but Stephen Jay can Allison. Good for you. And I called up the casting head of talent, Simona, and I said, I've got someone for you for this role. It wasn't a big role, but it was very dramatic, physical role. And he said, well, can you come in and audition? And that's when I said, Jesse, when do you think you could be here? I said, I have an audition for you. Really? And that was the first time he came out. We met. I had never met him before. There he was with I die and the big guns and you know, and the hair and everything. And the 6 earrings in each ear. The jewel in his dimple. And I sat there, I was sitting in the lobby of Stephen cannell productions a few other actors were there and he walked in. And he taken a cab, and he walked in. And I looked at him, and I said, gee, I hope this is a guy saying. Because he looked very intimidating. And friendliest can be. He's such a great guy. Jesse winter. Yeah. Just wonderful guy, you know, we were talking, and I said, well, let me if you want me to go over the material with you before you go upstairs for the audition. He goes, sure, I'll read it a few times. You read through it and he felt comfortable with it. Went up, I got a call an hour and a half later. At my office, that was cell phone. My office, we want to hire Jesse winter. That's great. And I thought, okay, great. I felt very, very good about what I had done. And Jesse said, wow, that was easy. And you know Jesse will, you know? He will look at that till categorize it. It's okay. That's how I did it. And I'm going to do it again. I'll tell you another part of that story about when he did it again. But that was my first client in wrestling. And he did the job, he came out to do hunter. And that night he had wrestling in Long Beach, so I had a stop time for him. I was almost set with him, we're there with Fred dryer. He did the scene in a couple of takes, did a great job. And sure enough that we had to leave and go to Long Beach and I drove him to Long Beach to wrestle Tito Santana. He just said on my podcast a couple of weeks ago, it was his all time favorite opponent. It was a great match. He called him Chico out loud of the ring. And he said to me after we were going home, what I was heading home, getting it back to where he needed to fly out. He said, can you believe an arena with somi Latinos? Yelling for me. I said, well, you know, everyone loved just. Everyone, even though he was the bad guy.

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