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We're not batting too Well, I'm batting one sister. Yeah. Alright. Weather sunny skies today with a few high clouds coast up to 70 Inland 77 the mountain 69 the desert such just a degree away from 100 red around 99 probably hit 100 somewhere. Right now. Downtown. Mostly cloudy and 64 cocoa news time. 7 21. It is time for Cliff notes on the news. I'm Cliff Albert. So what are we to think about the new study that says employees are reporting increased feelings of burnout. That's what a new nationwide survey of thousands of workers by staffing company Robert half, says the studies suggest that despite beginning to get back to normal now, after a 15 month long pandemic and restrictions, easing worker burnout is now more than it was last fall. According to the findings, almost 50% of employees say they are experiencing more fatigue now. The senior director for Robert Heft, has an explanation. Many workers are feeling burned out. I need a break to relax and refresh, he says. Running on empty can have a negative effect on employee's mental health and well being, and managers should make it a priority to encourage their teams to enjoy a well deserved vacation. You might think that with a lot of workers not being able to work during the pandemic, they don't want a vacation. They want to work. But of course, there has been a lot of stress for these workers as well As for those who have found that working from a home all this time means working longer hours and not being able to disconnect. So maybe the thing to do before all of us as we continue to emerge from this pandemic. Is to focus more on distressing and doing the things that can help us do that that we have not been able to do for what seems like and in fact has been a long time. Read more about this at coco dot com keyword, Cliff notes. So go into your time. 7 23, California sending more fire engines to L. A for wildfire season the Emergency.

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