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Conferences shot whenever he's under pressure and they go out which that was like one of the biggest head-scratching picks of the entire second day of the draft and then later I mean I talked about the like when there's some players off the radar that I'm kind of like who are these guys. The two offense lineman picked late are just completely never heard a word about any of them. So Jaylen Johnson come out was weird travis. Gibson was was a little strange to but we'll see I mean it's it's weird that a team is so infatuated with the tight end position as much as bears are today. I would agree with you completely. Really make any sense. Let's go to draft class. That will make the most immediate impact Aka the draft class that will impact two thousand twenty. I think the cardinals me and you start with. Isaiah Simmons Start with Andrea Hopkins because he around big. He's a second round pick. So let's go with this Simmons first round the Android Hopkin Second Round Josh Jones. Third around I think everyone tweeted that like when it happened once they pick judge Jones including myself like that is a hall and like all those players instant impact. Of course. I'd like that. They were able to sit and wait. We talked about the cowboys they sat back. And everyone's like are they gonNA address. Offensive Line is Cliff Kingsbury. Just GonNa Ignore it and try to throw the ball quickly when Kayla Murray was under pressure so much as a rookie and Josh Jones falls to them at seventy degrees rock-solid across the board and so it's really for those pets there's a couple defense and plug in the Middle Lucky four Lawrence. Evan Weavers kind of an over achieving linebacker Benjamin and into I had no I wrote. There's no reason for Benjamin to still be on the board of this late in my grades like pass Catcher. He caught seventy seven passes the contract with the contract to the cost of Benjamin the David Johnson absolutely. I was thinking I was like. Oh Yeah. They traded David Johnson to and to get a pass catching back that elusive that runs bigger than his size was a workhorse at two. Twenty two overall in an air raid spread offense. I think he's going to look back and say why was he still here but he did. Land in the perfect spot so those four players right there. If you're timing deandre Hopkins to obviously I think right away. Those that's incident impact in Arizona. I agree with you completely and Josh. May and like the thing about Josh. Jones is he can't play. They need him too but he will probably sit like market they had Marcus Gilbert and DJ Humphries. Now you have depth with a young guy who you hope can can learn and get better and practice and get prepped and you rotated mental wraps and then if you have to tell somebody gets hurt but that's good insurance like that's the perfect spot for Josh. Ines teams that like. You're the dolphins took Austin Jackson in the first round. Your little worried that you go from a developmental guys either way. I will say that this is tough for me. I think it's a. It's a coin flip. Frankly between the bengals and the dolphins and it's mostly because you're talking about a top sick a top five quarterback who is starting right away. I will say that it is the bengals because to me. Joe Boroughs the favourite. According to our friends at William Hill and odds they just released to win off into the year. You have Joe Borough t higgins and frankly that right there is probably going to be an impact. There's a really good chance if they're gonNA go like I assume they're gonNA open up this freaking offense. And now you have T- Higgins. Aj Green Tyler Boyd. Joe Mixing and Joe with tons of weapons distribute to and. That's the thing about Joe Borough just like the strongest army in the world. That's fine but he is a frigging incredible point guard and and distributor in precision guy. You're getting journal waves back as well. I don't know frankly a whole lot about their back in guy so be curious what you think about that. And I know you had higgins. Is your number one wide receiver. So you were pretty excited about that. I actually higgins asthma number three. He he started predate process as Number One. Echina- combine dropping down. But Yeah I. I gave it an a plus. That was the first pick that I graduated. First of two hundred twenty five whatever. It was I like the fact that he's GonNa play with. Aj Green and learn new is that they're kinda similar wide receivers big tall rebounders. And how many plays did we see from Joe? Burlesque season where he dropped it in the bucket down the field? It's not just precision. Tom Brady Five. Seventy passes to have t higgins heavy J. Green down the field literally on the perimeter is going to open up. Joe Mixing Angle Routes Tyler. Boys going to have another good season. The Ham Auden to they have like big wide receivers at the catch point and then the guys in the middle. A lot of bengals twitter that I kind of interacted with during the preacher. The linebacker group is so bad like was so so bad. Logan Wilson arguably the best just pure coverage linebacker ton ball production. So I'd like him in the third round. Akeem Davis GAITHER IS LIKE DYNAMIC. Athleticism beats blockers can sift through the trash. I I really like him as a run defender and he can give you some edge presence to and then Marcus Bailey other linebacker. They really wanted to reconstruct that linebacker room. He's an older guy. Got Injured a couple times in college. Go back to that purdue. Two years ago when purdue upset Ohio state with Wayne Haskins Marcus Bailey had like an interception fumble or a forced fumble return to pick six all over the field. If he didn't get injured again as a senior he would have gone in the third or the fourth round. So the Edison Defense. But it's all about Joe Borough and t higgins was first two selections. Yeah I look I mean. I just think it's often said they're gonNA win the Super Bowl ten years. That was his bold prediction on. Cbs Sports H Hugh. I don't think I don't think it's that crazy. Because Joe Boroughs Stud Cincinnati's history would tell you otherwise but who I mean who knows? I think burrows going to have a big impact and he is going to potentially change the culture there one guy who might not have a big impact in two thousand and twenty would be Justin Herbert six overall of the chargers. This is my team. That would be the draft class. That will take the most time to judge. I also consider the packers but I really actually steered away from. The packers is very talked about them as the worst draft class the peak behind the curtain there. But I really do think if you look at the chargers as a whole it's almost impossible. Justin Herbert is probably not gonNA play. Twenty twenty Tutsi tyrod Taylor. That's great but I think is being given a year to go with tyrod. Taylor God forbid if you go twelve and four tyrod Taylor. What are you going to just toss us an urban there? Kenneth Murray should be an impact guy that that was a nice pick with paid a bunch you go up and get into the seventy first overall. Pick off to move back into the first round with the Patriots Joshua Kelly who you know traps in your in your grade fund similar styles. Austin Eker. Well that's a problem because they have awesome Eker Jer Rita wide receiver. That's cool Katie Hill. Even seventh-round that's great. You Have Mike. Williams are they are they. Is this team setting the table for completely rebooting their their roster. Because I don't like that or they're just getting death. They think they can compete. I I don't I don't know what they're doing but I don't think this is a draft class outside of Kenneth Murray who can be very good but I also think Andy. Reid will destroy him like tricking him into running into the backs of of defensive. Lineman I just don't know that. This is an impact rookie class. And it's interesting though. I mean we talked about with the packers that they are on paper. Clear like win now. Team get to a super bowl with Aaron Rodgers at the end of his career. We're talking about like when impact will happen from this draft and I agree with you but I understood more what the charges were doing because of Tyrod Taylor. Their fringe playoff team. You draft just in Herbert. You don't maybe at the play him right away. So then the rest of their the theme further draft was. Let's get like Austin Equa two point. Oh He's getting a little older yes they just contract to sign them but he's running back. You're not going to keep them for five more years But you're right though. This is my Mike Williams done. I mean this Keenan Allen GonNa leave or his restarted Keenan Allen. Are you going to use the fifth year option on Mike Williams what I would have my antenna opposite charges Fan ten? I'm out there. I just think you look at it. It's like a safety is like a low. He Gilman like he's playing him. I don't I don't think so. I mean they draft a quarterback. Now I don't think any of these guys are playing and that's fine. You don't want to have a team full of rookies out there. Like the bengals are going to have a bunch of young guys on the field. You don't necessarily want that but I would just be like I think for the purpose of this superlative Yup for sure that they'll show up and show out in twenty twenty. What about you team? That will take the most time to judge. I'm GonNa go with the Las Vegas Raiders Henry Rugs. They're gonNA plug him in right away. Of course in Khartoum you might not find out about Rox for that's true. They didn't go quarterback think they're gonNA sign anyone else they had Marcus Mariota as the backup and then after that like third round Lynn. Bowden junior like the running back wide receiver. They love hunter and throw they have tyrel. Williams like how much you gonNA play. I love the player Brian Edwards. They picked later with the next pick in the third round number. Eighty one overall. But is he gonNA see the field that much with all those writers in front of him with Enron with Ira Williams? Lynn Bone on renfrew. I don't really see it Tanner Muse. There are other third round. Pick One hundred picking devils way too early. He's fast but he can't cover whatsoever. John Simpson good in terms of depth at the guard spot but their lives actually pretty good. They hit still richie. Incognito still have their center in his name is losing your right now Imac Robertson. The Corner I. I think it was a decent draft but I don't think we're going to see a lot of these. Dyes making huge impacts Rodney Rodney Hudson. I don't know why couldn't think of that. But Yeah so. I regret draft picks seven hours at my brains. A little fried. You're allowed to forget the raiders Saturday. So so good draft class. But I just don't know like there's not a lot of room for all these wide receivers to get on the field and if it is Derek Carr the quarterback we know is just GonNa Chuck it down to Josh Jacobs Anyway. So yeah I agree. I think like that's why we it's GonNa take awhile like Derrick. Carl your winner in this draft. And you might like the raiders class and that's fine but still could be a while before we find out exactly what happened okay. The most underrated draft class. Would you go with for most underrated draft class? Well in I run down here. We have we each pick one team and I'll let you go with team and I'll go with another pick took sixteen listed for the Utah. Everyone all right thank you will. I will go with the Indianapolis Colts. I love their first three selections Michael Pittman Number Thirty four overall. There was a lot of talk that they were going to trade up into the first and then they had those two second rounders from the SAM. Darnold trade I love Michael Pittman In that he's big and he gives them size that receiver group that really needed size is a compliment to t t t t Hilton. Yeah exactly he's just policy. Does everything. Well Jonathan Taylor at forty one Yes they have. Marlin mcoy really liked by the way two years ago when he was coming out but he's dealt with injuries behind that offensive line. Jonathan Taylor is going to talk about if you WANNA bring on some fantasy guys. He's going to be a top fan. It's okay so you draft Taylor early instead of paying Mac. A new contract. And you're like Hey Marlin look you're like you don't need to go through the franchise tag nonsense with Marlin Mac. I love moral America. Good player but like I mean. He's not a top five running back you know so you so you move on from Mac and you stick with Hines. Who's a nice pass catcher in you go with? John Taylor who has gotten better catching the rock but is a freaking BELCO. Yeah and it wouldn't hurt really just Marlin mack and Jonathan Taylor is topped you running back for a season. Like that's what it's GonNa be our Healthy Julian..

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