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We gotta stop him. Wait wait I thought you said whoever the nominee class and there's all these people that are still kind of hoping hillary she got podcast coming out that she says it is true that some parts of the democratic establishment don't like Bernie Sanders and. He makes him they. He makes them very uncomfortable. If that's true and I think it's okay that the Democratic Party is uncomfortable right now. We have a transformation that we need to do within our party. We have two wings right and you need both wings to fly. You need the progressive in the moderates. I always say you need all shades of blue and so it is clear it is clear that is Democrats for the past ten years. We've been talking about this. Rising American electorate that. It's younger that it's going to be more diverse than women are going to be more progressive. Guess what they're here and guess what they want Bernie Sanders were this. This is the first line in my book. Bless you for that. Many shades of blue is will progressives moderates feud while America Burns. And if you take the earlier part of the conversation do they really want to say that these differences between Medicare for all or a public option when they all want to cover all Americans? They get decent healthcare. Are Those so important that you're going to have a debate like that in the country sort of turns around and reelect this president. Who for all the reasons you said in the first part of the show presents a real crisis? Oh and I think there's a point related to that and I bet this will resonate in Nebraska that right now politics so polarized that there are an awful lot of Democrats. Uc every trump voter in two thousand sixteen as a racist and a Bigot. And that is not clarifying and not helpful winning those voters. This is a true by one of the reasons why they were Democrat candidates that actually started resonating early some with some Republicans people have on the right of a fondness for Tulsi Gabbard there like Andrew. Young like people that are at least willing to go. Some of the Democrats are such wins. You can't even get them to go on Fox News. President of the United States is the latest sexiest poll has Bernie losing to trump but bet closer than all the other. Democrats forty-seven Fifty Nationally. He beats him in Pennsylvania by four. Look all these pundits so I hear say things like well. Bernie will lose forty-five states shut up. I don't know what the fuck talking about. Have you never know? We never know the same people who said trump wouldn't even met. You don't know what we don't.

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