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The other was an oakland that he recorded a along with and I know who has that but So it's kind of fun to see that Famous camp goes said there. Oh in another famous set. It was funny last winter we were in Phoenix. At the incredible place. Called to 'em. I am the Musical Instrument Museum Incredible Incredible Museum in fact you can spend two days there. It's new instruments from all over the world. But they had a there. One exhibit was the birth of the Electric Electric Guitar. And all these guitars famous guitars George Harrison. Eric Clapton all these famous guitars and Amplifiers and there's the only one drum set in the middle and that belonged to Doug Clifford. There was kids. CAMCO twenty two base thirteen and Sixteen Walnut Oakland set and It looked it looked. It has some use sure. Playing with credence was well you news about what a famous kit. Wow I've heard of that museum and seen videos of different exhibits and stuff and it looks awesome. So it's it's cool to know. There's there's a CAMCO set there yeah. It is awesome down museum. We were amazed and like I said you could spend two days there And and Yeah we just we. We had a blast. We just had a blast them so next time. We'll we'll definitely the whole this. Spend the whole day. Yeah now let me ask you too. So when you're talking about at the different eras and we're obviously not done with the company but so it seems like a lot of the oaklawn is pretty sought after right. That seems to be like an era. That people really really really like which would be the kind of early sixties. That's post Elkhart when it actually got bought and became. CAMCO is that kind of the most most-desired Iteration of CAMCO drums. Yeah for the vintage camco sound in the six Oakland when all in from probably about sixty Doodoo What sixty sixty two into into even Even the should note is still the same. Sound but that is The Oakland is Collectors seem to go for the Oakland although they did change quite a bit when they went to Los Angeles and that would be what nineteen seventy-three custody move from Chinook Kansas and The company moved to Los Angeles and they started using Keller shelves a different company. They had a whole different type of Shell. Undersized undersized the very niche very unique a lot of tiffany action ahead which is float on the drum As you go up the side of the Shell it was the edge start tapering toward the center and then come in so the edge was more toward the inner inner plies is the drums than than anybody else and Those trump's are are nice drums. Some people might say there are more modern sounding drum but they have over but they're loud. They got a big boom to him. I'VE GOT LA kits. And you know. Sometimes I like them too. But I prefer oaklawn Oakland's I can if if you wanna they have a wide tuning range. You want to crank them up of a really high or go really. Don't do anything you want but the L. A.'s are Nice Nice drums beautiful finishes and Yeah just beautiful. They had like four different stains for lacquer finishes and for covered finishes Che's and almost all the lacquer uncover where solid colors. They only offered a white marine Peru. That was the only Pearl Otherwise it was like a solid red shaw blue solid black. They had Alice Cooper blew in house. A scooper white cooper was a drummer. I mean. was there a reason that like doing that. Alice Cooper series yeah His drummer us. You know he really so you think. He's the Alice Cooper White. I suppose used both of them now. Yeah so anyway but they figured Alice Cooper was more more. Yeah Yeah Yeah it is Kinda funny now is Is Custom still the owner when we get into the the los this Angeles period they still own it or no no Beckman music odd The let's see yeah and Yeah they became owner. So as it's a whole just totally changed hands custom The owner accustom had his hands in a lot of different things boats and he just wanted out and So so They ended up in Los Angeles and beef and then that went till about nineteen seventy seven and Don Lombardi of with a drum workshop. took it or he took over L. Actually that company was split up between Hachinoe. Tomah aw and Don and don ended up with all the hardware in who she ended up with the name and Hershey no went on to make the last version of CAMCO drums. USA Made CAMCO drums. Those were made there was they were out of Bensalem Bensalem Salem Pennsylvania and Those shelves were made in the US. And they're either by Jasper or Keller. I I Nobody knows yet and they're beautiful trump's they have they're just precision. They even go on about the precision bearing edges ages in their catalog. How important it is for them? Finishes are just phenomenal. They had a renaissance series. That had in hand inlays in and They're beautiful drums but unfortunately after that Camco used the that name Tom I use the CAMCO name to put Out An entry level set in a lot of people associates those kind of common in the associated. Hachinoe name with Does entry the WHO she camco with those entry level sets saw and these sets. This was the Hershey No. USA Made Camco where from nineteen seventy eight to nineteen eighty and there were six ply shells and these shells did not have reinforcing rings. The the only camco drums. That did not have reinforcing rings and they had their they had one main endorse of and that was Elvin Jones. While it's a good one. In fact YEP Steve. Maxwell had or has Elvin Jones set. I don't know if he still has it or not. But if he doesn't it was beyond his US maxwell drums drums on our website at least pictures of it and And that was the end. In fact I did a nine hundred in two thousand some fifteen after Chicago drum show with Jim Zena. I did a video on. We called it the four seasons of Camco so we I have a set a George George way set a camel oaklawn a CAMCO. La and a CAMCO. Hoshino said all four of them set up and we go over all four of them and So if you go online you could easily dial that up and you can get an idea what they look Mike. That's great and now so this period of like when d-w sort of begins And Thomas is involved or Hoshi Chinos then The five thousand pedal. You WanNa talk a little bit about that. Because I know this sort of has to part of history I mean it's one of the most famous pedals in history three and that was originally a camco pedal correct originally it was Martin Fleet Foot and police. There were made Minneapolis Minnesota. And I'm in Saint Paul. ACTUALLY FROSTBITE FALLS MINNESOTA but There are some Minnesota Pedal and CAMCO bought the rights to with that pedal and also. That's the same sin basically the same pedals to Gretch floating action. And so that came from the Martin Fleet Foot turned turned into the CAMCO and the Floating Grudge Floating Action Pedal and then from there is d w ended up with All the hardware and They That pedal is still similar to the original. I think the upright piece is I don't know I haven't seen the the new ones that are getting so heavy duty. Maybe they beef that up to But phenomenal pedal your get an old Camco pedal and you know they added the chain to it. Yeah that's that was once we're strapped drive okay and that was like a sort of a Kind of a hack. That was going on a little bit where people were doing that and converting them and then obviously obviously caught on. And then there's also a Tomah Camco pedal that looks similar to it right. That would be in the same theyn because they had the the name Okay right yeah. Yeah they're pedal is in fact if you look and even in their their pedal in the it's identical except it has the chain drive but it's identical to the original camco pedal The Pacino CAMCO pedal So so Thomas started putting that out immediately They had beef all the other stands. Beefed up stands. Tom I did had stands. You could hold your car up with a stance cans. Yeah Heavy heavy duty but the pedal was still that little lightweight Campbell. Just a nice basic lightweight. Little Pedal title works great. Yeah it does. It's I mean so in that period of hardware and pedals and stuff. Why did it resonate so much with people? Was it just because of the ease in the smoothness of it I mean why is it. Why did it become such a iconic pedal because it works so well unlike speed king you could adjust it to speed? King Pedal Works Great. If you like that angle adjustable unless you would bend the raw your beater Rod. That's the only way you could adjust that angle the pedal of how far back it went But just the Nice simple little lightweight pedal. That worked great. So I'd still play today. No problem that's great. You know some good when it lasts that long. Yeah yeah that's one of those things. They designed right just like if. Go back to Ludwig supersonic four hundred snare drum. Yeah I mean it was designed right. Did done right. Yeah it was done right. There's if you can't make that sound good it's you you. Oh that's why it doesn't so Another thing that I think is really worth talking about in in a little more. Detail is is the George Way Turret lugs or the round lugs which like you said. Everyone thinks of d-w like I would think most drummers today who aren't really aware the CAMCO history who are listening to this and learning about this probably don't know the history behind that and that has been around for a very long time before for DWI existed. So I mean that's just a pretty pretty cool history in itself right so lug goes back to nineteen fifty seven when George Way designed it. And it's I'm still amazed when I I I I play in the Minneapolis. Saint Paul Area Never Rode Drummer. I I just I was able to I made a living for many years just playing in this area. Fortunately and I was always surprised when people saw my Camco sets and the ones who knew it was a CAMCO HAMCO set instead of a d. w. and You know but they'd see the badge that little cloud band maybe give it away. It definitely have that round. Dwi Badge on it but I know my first Camco set when I saw this way before. Dwi In seventies that was in a music store was a you you set. And they'll look kind of cartoonish with those big round. lugs reminded me of like a mind floating in the water. You know ships are trying Andrew. Avoid or something. They got this big round lugs on it so I bought it. This price was right. I bought this was a old George Way Camp Camco from George way shells the old four four ply shells i..

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