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One call that's all sports desk. Here's Matt. Paulie. Nobody's gonna call it a work of art. With the Packers get the 24 20 win against the Jaguars yesterday, Packers go to seven and two quite the performance for Mark his van Velde as Scantlin four receptions a career high 149 yards, They'll match up against the Colts coming up next Sunday, Monday night Football tonight. It is an NFC North matchup as the five and four bears are playing house to the three and five Vikings. The new top 25 polls coming out yesterday Wisconsin off their win against Michigan, moving up three spots number 10 in the eight people and they go up two spots number 12 in the coaches pulled and in the master's the top ranked golfer in the world, Dustin Johnson, he shoots a record 20 under par for the tournament. And wins the Masters wrapping up yesterday. It's time for extra points on Wisconsin's Morning news. Here's Brian D Thing. Super Bowl is the goal in Green Bay, Wisconsin, period. When you can't win the Super Bowl in February, you can certainly prove that you're worthy of it during the regular season. Super Bowl teams win impressively when a one in seven team comes into your house in November. You demoralize them. You don't scramble to win in the fourth quarter to be honest, losing Ba hooves, the Jacksonville Jaguars at this point, they're more interested in Trevor Laurence College tape than they are in WC in the NFL. Let's call this what it is Matt the floor in his team nearly lost to a team that was trying to lose the football game now granted, winning in the NFL is hard, and you should never apologize for winning. And the Packers should not apologize for improving 272. But they lost the battle to prove to themselves and to everybody else that there are Super Bowl caliber football team. Hi, this is Wtmj, Jean Miller. You know, I take seriously my responsibility to update you on what's happening around the world every morning. The most important part of the day gene hate interrupt your monologue, but I think afternoons are pretty important. I mean, we catch you up on the latest breaking stories. I mean, come on. I guess we're not worried about the rest of the day. What are we chopped liver guys? You I'll have an important role Wtmj is here for you Lie and local.

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