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Secretary of State. Mike Pompeo how was that a loss for words when he was asked about firing of Ukrainian ambassador in an interview with NPR. Our reporter. Mary Louise Kelley Watch the clip. I have defended every State Department official. We've built a great team. The team that works around the world. I've defended every single person on this team I've done. What's right for every remarks where you have defended Marie-yvonne uh-huh I'm going to say today? Thank you so now afterwards. Kelly claims palm peyot berated. Her demanding that she point out Ukraine on the map but she's another example of the unhinged media. News media. Did she sounded unhinged. She didn't sound unhinged. But maybe you know maybe I miss understood. I mean does he still have credibility with the meeting up because somebody will say we'll did this happen to say no. I never happened and then like the next day and they said well actually did happen. So and so is this a surprise and are you surprised that he wanted her to point point out Ukraine on a map but she easily did by the way. Yeah yeah although he they issued a statement on a State Department letterhead her head and he says at the very end something like by the way. You Know Bangla. Ukraine is not Bangladesh. Sort of implying. I think he's implying somehow. Somehow that when she pointed to the Mat she pointed to Bangladesh. And and she's got a degree from Cambridge and European studies and also a degree from Harvard in government and French French studies. I believe and so you know Bangladesh is like here. Crane is like here so I think it's unlikely that that that happened but it just sort of shows was it. He's like the secretary of Petty. And I just I just think that if he's supposed to be the chief diplomat rerating being a woman journalist in that way and then issuing it on State Department letterhead it takes into a it feels like the administration is loaded with bulliest. He's another one with a short fuse. This guy bar is a bully. He's a bully pompeo's a bully trump himself as a BA- it's like an organized crime organization. Yeah it's like when you listen to the tapes of what he's saying take her out. He's talking to von of it. Sounds like John Gotti okay. He it doesn't sound like the president of the United States. Well there's a pattern right now of people walking out of NPR interviews news. Because remember we talked on the show. Adam driver did it because something he asked not to be played on. NPR was played so this is now the second notable person that's walking out of NPR. So I don't know what's going one on over at NPR. I will say if you still go into an interview and you're someone like my pump. Ao and you say this. I want to talk about that. I WanNa talk about this and you agree ahead of time and that journalist just brakes the agreement. I can understand how you would get frustrated. I didn't think he sounded that angry. Either apparently later to a back room to another room and got into a fight. That's taking Tillis as well but I I will say that the breakdown between the trust between the media and the White House right now I think is because of this because you have journalists reporting off the record information all the time and they don't know with this because she apparently has all of the texts between them say. It's a huge. Yeah Yeah sorry that I think she's got the I think she's got the thing but you know and I have to say. NPR is the last place be concerned. Now there are times when people ask ask questions you don't want them to and you have every right but I think NPR as a as a network is kind of like PBS. To me. I I think this is showing the spread of people being disrespectful. But I do think he's not telling the two because you went into something mothra adage when you play dumb with our last year. When she asked about the call was landscape he said call never happened? He was on the goal. Yeah yes so is kind of shocking in a funny way it's also interesting. How else can you hold these people accountable? You finally have one of the players in your site and you have to ask him the question that he doesn't want to answer journalists do but I think we're supposed to be unbiased in their questioning and if you already have an opinion that he's a piece of crap and he's warble and he's we don't know the bay was interviewing I think.

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