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Those kind of aircraft trying to find the right one, but it's kind of hard to tell congress. We want to spend millions of dollars on an aircraft that we're never going to buy one of the greatest aircraft that came out of this was the five tiger to or the five a which was designed for the counterinsurgency role. And we've got no money out of him. Because we just bought a punch more from Switzerland to act as adversaries their forty year old airframes, but it's a challenge because we're trying to provide an economic reason for allies like Iraq and Afghanistan to support their forces. And a lot of African countries we wanna build up our infrastructure there to support them. So they have but we don't want to you just can't. To provide a developing nation. You can't provide them F16.'s. You can't provide. I mean, we're not talking at thirty five we're talking like F16.'s and some of the nation's now are Quiring first generation of sixteenth from the seventies. So we want to be able to support be able support that if the structure, so that's what the low insurgency low cost aircraft Amado that I hit it. All. Yeah. Absolutely. So max, t do you have any idea where you're going to be able to strap that Browning m fifty m two fifty caliber machine gun vision yet? No, no. I was waiting till. We start talking about the town. I know that's the other topic that. Love to talk about here. You know, the only thing I'll add to to what David was saying is it has very little to do with the partner nations pilot capacity when when you become a fighter pilot in attack pilot or an air force pilot and these nations these are the country's best of the best. They're often chosen by Hyatt, the highest levels of government to become pilots. So it is it is very much when when we go to train these files when we send US pilots to go train in these aircraft. The you're you are training the best of the best for for those countries. And. That's a sort of a misconception that I've heard about this program as well. They can't handle an f sixteen they can't handle fifteen or something. Well, will they can't handle it from from financial and maintenance standpoint, but but the pilots are amazing pilots that I've personally worked with their pilots and aircrews and ground crews and also Afghanstan it was it was using these type of aircraft that we trained the Afghan first Afghan woman pilot, so. It's a way to leverage leverage developing countries. And and like like Mondo said, it's not so much piloting skills. You're right. They're the best of the best, but you have to be able to develop some sort of infrastructure for a combat aircraft. And these are good way to start that we can leverage our support our support for them. So that their best in the best. And interestingly enough, it's usually out of the air force's. And this goes back to my degree that sometimes the best of the best become our allies later in life as diplomats and presidents or in Jordan's case kings and using VA shin as a way of building cultural, and and inter lapping technologies as well as synergies that the best of the best are trained. But you know, what? Like Yamamoto, the dovetails who are first conversation like Yamamoto learned here in the United States. He learned what the United States was capable of. And he learned about the freedoms. And he learned about aspects of how you used to unfortunately against us in that case. But, but this is a way to leverage our democratic Bill thoughts, and and ideas and to be realistic and to support these growing economies in growing nations to get them out of developing status to move them up in the world. All right. Let's let's move away from military aviation. Thank God in talking about something big like really big like really really big as in the straddle in max, trescott, we see that that aircraft made its first flight it did and other spectacular about this aircraft. It is no the one with the longest wingspan apparently of any aircraft wingspan is three hundred and eighty five feet long. So quite a bit more than the length of a football field. It's not the longest aircraft around, but it's very distinctive design. Just a backup was designed by by Christoph to Paul Allen company. Of course, Paul just passed away earlier this year, I believe and he was able to spend a lot of money on his program here after he passed away they scaled back a little bit in terms of their plans..

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