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First patients in the world to be fused with machine i'm trying to think of the most delicately i can say humanism sort of i mean i think we gosh i i'm i'm being so careful on what i'm saying just because i haven't released anything sorry i don't want no it's okay i'm so excited about it and i can't wait to get it done but we're you know we're we've been working with medical institutions and really fancy people about leaking anything have you seen anything that may till your mind yet yeah yeah i mean the the future is i think so exciting and full of possibility and my hope is that a storytellers particularly to two females at the helm of this not that there's anything that man couldn't do but just like i hope that we can tell a different story than the one that people are used to so you're sitting here talking about fearmongering this is the opposite of that i think we paint a very bright picture of something that has typically been showcased in all the dystopia in films and shows that you've seen and with real humans so i'm very excited about repacking repackaging that story beautiful taron pygmies so much soon by this conversation ficiating how can people find you just you can follow me on twitter taryn southern youtube taryn southern instagram taryn southern all the social media's i don't post a lot but i'm not as epic as you your twitter is the best god bless he's so fun to you so much taryn thank you great thank you so much for this wonderful conversation all the links.

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