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And jury thing with irony. It's Chad Benson. I like interesting things my buddy in the UK said, do you got to check out this company? They're amazing. And I started Dewey looking at this company. And I was I was like these guys are just incredible. So he'd side. Hey, let's get these guys on the phone. Joining us now is Ben Davies he is one of the founders of a glint, and it's amazing. What you guys are doing because I love the financial industry for years. I traded all kinds of currencies precious metals and everything and then for years being talk radio gold gold gold gold gold, and I knew a lot of people that are gold. They didn't really know what to do with it. And then low behold, you guys come along and explain to everybody what first of all why it's important that people have gold. But then a lot of people don't know what to do with it, and you guys came along and Walla. Wow. What an right. That's amazing. Thank you very much. So it's a very kind of you. So yeah, Glen were financial service technology company. We start in the UK right here in London where I'm speaking from across the pond. Glenn is my to do is take gold and greater as money will turn into money came. So we've taken this Marbot asset dusting in a boat or around the world and we've connected to payments system. So with us everywhere moss in the world. If you have a glint boss called. Spend gold real gold you anyway, you to in the world anytime that's insane. 'cause there's so many people, you know, they were worried about the world coming to an end zombie apocalypse span. Here comes on me. And I thought and they went out, and they buy all this gold. Right. And you're like, okay now, what are you gonna do with it? Because if we did have zombie apocalypse, and you wanted something you just go take it because you might be the only person. So then they didn't know what to do with it. And then what a brilliant idea. It's it's the little ideas like this to go a long way in the world. I think yeah, I'm an Elvis if we can go to extreme. And I think we'll be worrying about three more at that point. And I know that when the body breaks down has done in some parts of the world often, it's the little things like far lighters and the cigarettes are actually have more worth in terms of exchange possession need to live off, etc. But look gold is always being money. And to.

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