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Else is now audio. Only podcast alley. They felt they felt they felt it. Okay so we'll we'll check. I mean you go into a tier list of greatest sitcom characters with like. I feel like aval list of hundred coming in. what am i doing. Go please listen. Twenty people like do the thing. It'll be fun us appeals. He will the top twenty eight. So we we're going to go in with a twenty or thirty percent list and it just for fun. I was also on kickball. Friends rank tier listing. They ripped off. Julia new girl characters show basically. I'm completely overexposed. I'm exhausted. And i can't wait to just go back to two podcasts. Although i told i threatened to take a yacht as from new girl old guy for the challenge. 'cause the idea of having to a week again is giving me anxiety. Yes what will akiva have to have a fill in host for you or the the the the it'll be the end of season one. I mean akiva akiva keeps the. Brian knows i threatened to quit every week. And the brian mckeever keep keep showing up. I'll be there. But i'll threaten to quick. I got it okay. All right brian coen. What's what's next for you your question. I don't know this year hill. Basically what is one every hill about. Let me like dawson's creek baths. It's it's an iconic show that i'm so jealous that was part of previously about like that. I'm able to watch now. It's like one tree hill premiered on the wb in two thousand and three. It's a much more dramatize. Friday night lights i would say oh is. It centered around high school basketball beginning. And but it's a lot more into the drama. Then friday night lights was but a couple of the characters are great Stand brooke davis.

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