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First amendment federal agents have seized documents from donald trump personal lawyer whatever happened to attorney client privilege and russia has vetoed a u s resolution on syria gas attack they vetoed several resolutions the twelfth time russia's vetoed a resolution concerning syria and the sixty detail related to chemical weapons on the next larry elder show larry elder weeknights at ten on the patriot there is a significant difference between being slightly out of tune or perfectly in tune listen to financially tuned with tim sullivan of strategic wealth advisors grew to get your financial future into you can contact strategic wealth advisors group at five eight six two zero three three two seven five or visit their website at strategic wealth advisors group dot com and listen sundays at three four financially tuned on fm one zero one point five and am fourteen hundred the patriot what you all know me i didn't take this job to get the gavel in the first place i'm not a guy who thinks about it like that this really was two things i have accomplished much of what i came here to do and my kids aren't getting any younger and if i stay there only gonna know me as we can dad and that's something i consciously can't do and that's really it right there.

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