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On KOA NewsRadio. Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome aboard. Centuries. You go over to your right? You'll see the twenty nine Chevy Silverado truck, and we're climbing to fifteen thousand dollars off and zero percent down for seventy two months for the entire month of March. Restrictions apply. See dealer for details. So sit back relax and enjoy your new Silverado. And remember, it's your way every day is injury Chevrolet and online at century Chevy dot com. Aaa roadside technicians are not superheroes. They can't leap across mountains a single bound. But they can't change a flat tire best the most mere mortals. They don't have x Ray vision foresee traded dilemmas. Although they can replace a dead battery in a flash. Aaa roadside texts are not superiors, but they are heroes of the highway membership starts at listen eight dollars per month. Join today AAA dot com. Colorado rockies. KOA newsradio. Buki?.

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