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One hundred percent deposit match bonus up to five hundred bucks four in the live casino as well. At bet. The sl. It's only a game on till you bet it to guests on the program here today, the first Brian Leonard, professionally ended up over at wagertalk dot com was go today man is going pretty good those things weather. This is a lot of way, you know, used little rain and fog going in. But it's a little bit different input. Problem is all tipple. And put stay at the time. And it's the same thing here. So I'm staying off the roads. Yeah. You know this week. I we're supposed to get our first big snowstorm of the year here in Ohio. And I know everyone's gonna forget how to drive in snow. So I thought it'd be a whole lot of fun for everybody out there on the roads. But speaking of Ohio, speaking about fun, speaking about winter speaking about, you know, things that I guess people aren't really used to the Cleveland Browns thirty to one over at west gate super book to win the twenty twenty Super Bowl that'd be Super Bowl fifty four you, and I were talking about this little bit before we started recording here that I mean, this is a team that's perennially one hundred to one or higher to win the Super Bowl. Now, it feels like people are tripping over themselves to bet them at thirty to one. Yeah. It's it's the reminds me of back when TPS came around when Atlanta Braves remember at the scene, I think the Browns have been so bad for so long and everybody likes the underdog that the Cleveland Browns are turning into American tape talked about the thirty two one. I wouldn't bet him a thirty two one. But there from what I understand when they come out with the Susan went numbers. I've been told eight and a half nine would be the season numbers. And and you could see in this division the division is a little bit weaker coming up for the following season. Obviously Pittsburgh's having a lotta their their problem. So it's not out of the round to think it's Cleveland Browns win that division. And that's something what we haven't heard since the days of on the playing field. Yeah. I mean there there's so much excitement right now with Freddie kitchens and to really strong coordinator hires as well with Todd Martin, and Steve Wilks, I think that's just as important if not more important than the hiring of kitchen, sue, you know, obviously has a good report with Baker Mayfield. I mean, I get it. I understand the price. And I would imagine that, you know, probably when we see some updated odds from Jeff Sherman or J Craig a or whoever, you know, over there soup book Cleveland twenty to one eighteen to one something like that. Because you know, this is one that generated a lot of buzz yesterday when these numbers were put up and like you said, I get it. You know, Pittsburgh, obviously problems with them Tonio Brown on bell. You know, Mike Tomlin seems lost the team a little bit. It's about that time for Ben Roethlisberger to say is contemplating retirement again. I don't think Lamar Texans a long term solution for Baltimore. So you know, if you get Cleveland in there at thirty two one you've got some immediate hedging Val. View. And of course, if they win the division. They get a home playoff game in Cleveland, which would be some kind of atmosphere to say the least. So I get it. But for everyone tripping over themselves. I mean, everything going on with Cleveland is very much built into this price. Just go back and look how eight and a half nine win teams their season, you know, season projections in what they were on the on the future board for the beginning of the year. And they're all in that same thing. So, yeah, it's it's something to get excited about, but we all know that when you're betting on sports, and you're gonna have a lot upstart young teams that come out of nowhere. And all of a sudden one year, they're really good. But for the most part when you look at the sports overall, especially in basketball and football, you got the same teams each and every year. I once again, you know, a little segue into the NFL at the patriots. Once again that she was really surprised Iran's for expected to be there..

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