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To fox news I am Jay Farner CEO of quicken loans and rocket mortgage during the challenging times were all experiencing our top priority is the health and safety of the communities we serve and while it's true that things are changing rapidly every day one thing that'll never change is our commitment to giving you the best mortgage experience that rocket mortgage our guiding philosophy of every client every time no exceptions no excuses exist for times like right now we understand that hardships may arise and we're prepared to help if you currently work with us and need assistance with your mortgage contact us twenty four seven at rocket mortgage dot com as we all think about ways to save money let me remind you that mortgage rates are near historic lows if you think right now is the right time to refinance your mortgage our home loan experts are available to help you twenty four hours a day seven days a week at rocket mortgage dot com call for cost information conditions equal housing lender license in all fifty states and M. L. S. consumer access dot org number thirty thirty W. CBS news time four oh three I'm Michael Phillip Ellie on the six eighty WCB Amerila news center with the headlines making news this hour brought to you by rob burrow in safe retirement solutions for all your retirement needs go to save retirement solutions dot com Baltimore police say they've solved multiple cases arrested more than one hundred twenty four suspects since the start of the pandemic police commissioner Harrison announced the department confiscated one hundred sixty five unregistered guns suspects taken into custody were involved in murders robberies and drug related offenses Baltimore county's executive announced a series of economic relief efforts to support small businesses and residents impacted by the financial fallout from the pandemic the county offering ten million dollars in new grant funding and one hundred thousand dollars to assist professional artists musicians and performers in sports golf the twenty twenty one PGA championship at Kiawah island's ocean course delaying the start of ticket sales until August they were originally set to go on sale to those who registered online in may seventy one degrees in Baltimore joining a four oh four I'm Michael philatelic six eighty WCBS news Hey Sean Hannity here so is there a law somewhere that says that you need to see your retirement account go up and up and up only to see them go down and down again now suppose the markets go way down right when you are ready to retire or worse they go down after you've already retired like what happened back in two thousand and eight what happens then you need to go back to work how would you like a retirement plan that goes up when the market goes up and gives you the most of the market gains with absolutely none of the losses yeah you heard me right you can get the most of the market gains without any of the losses okay that sounds pretty good right maybe this is the guy for you he's my friend rod borough E..

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