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Chain migration they w they put the visa lottery and how crazy is that so i mean if you really think about if he's of the same old nonsense that we've been dealing with for years and thinking that electing trump was going to change mitch mcconnell lindsey graham we need to wake up the nothing's changed their the same all right my friend although i have the say uh trump really got the best of schmucky shocked the truckee on this one disney heat did yes he did so let me ask you this frank being from philadelphia in all why would mitch mcconnell allow chuck schumer to announce that they were opening a government that ninety percent of us didn't even realize was closed because i think that his cook who great question mark you're you're asking me to to gas wide mitch mcconnell does what mitch mcconnell does that mean that the answer is it never make because he sweet 'cause he wanted actually going to save face instead what he should have done is rubbed his face rate in the mud for exactly right that's exactly what he should have done he should have come out and said hey wait a minute this is wrong the american people are against it and that's why all of a sudden you're you're you're going back on it because you tried the please your base and look what happened you're going to lose seats and he should a yet the perfect for you know what martin every time they have the opportunity this is what they do because they don't wanna admired they don't want uh various ladies and gentleman france from philadelphia all right sean kingman arizona the great k n t r by the way sean how forest kingman from two son i am i think about uh three and a half four or drive so kingman is is well north of tucson right there is a north of rain extended now a big the butter pre and a half hour drive came about an hour away from vegas and about an hour away kabissi all right so you're northwest okay a very good go right ahead my friend okay i had a question um our non citizens covered by the.

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