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And I was like, I was so shocked that it was Sandler that I didn't really know what to do and I was just like, I didn't really respond. And then I think I motored out like it's not me at some point, but I think he was maybe already in his car, but just like shell shocked. I had a similar encounter I went to UCLA so I was in LA for college at the time we were going to see a movie. Fuck, I can't remember what it was in Westwood village just south of campus. My friend was driving and pulling into the parking structure for the for the movie theater. And it came to a stop because there was a pedestrian there, but then the pedestrian waved him through and it was Adam Sandler with a big cigar. He had a big stove. Wow. And he was just like, and he was cool. He waved in a cool way, like go ahead, like, you know, I have the right away, but you can go in and park. And we're like, well, let's add him Sandler. And then he was in the movie, sitting in the back row. Wow. And with a hoodie on. And he was in the movie, it was don't trust the zohan or whatever that was. Yeah, it was don't mess with the zohan. He's laughing. He was in the movie. If he went and watched don't mess with the zohan and it was in the back row with a cigar laughing like sci-fi bob, I think that would be the funniest thing on earth. Just laughing at us very alpha. Yeah. Okay, well my Sandler sighting was I used to do a lot with the children's theater company story pirates, and he chaperoned his kids field trip to the geffen playhouse for a show. Wow. He was just like a straight up volunteer chaperone for a field trip. Rolling up with one of his kids classes in like basketball shorts was like, that was funny. That's really sweet. So cool. Sandler, come out strong in this episode. Yeah. And you know what? He probably enjoys those three, three salad combos that you could get at Clementine and then when I finally went to lemonade, which my experience with lemonade was mostly at the large. Large mon. What am I saying large moan? Large Mont. Large march month. Larchmont. It's large amount when the doughboys are there. That's where I went for this one. I went to larchmont. I ordered I ordered delivery and I'll tell you why, 'cause I was also kind of embarrassed but I got in the mail and I've been saving this for a couple of weeks now. Lemonade exclusive offers, I got like a postcard, probably not a good sign for the restaurant. But on the back, it was free delivery and $10 off $20 or more. I was definitely gonna get $20 or more or buy a lemonade get a free entree. I probably should have done that because that may be able to save me more money. But not that we need to do that. This is a doughboy podcast. I could have just put it on the doughboys card, which I did. Well, I mean, we still cost, you know, you understand economically that's still our money. Look, it was a doughboy's cash. I was playing with house money. So yeah, that's our money. That's right. So but I used the coupon for $10 off. I got delivered. I've been in that large month location quite a few times. So I had been in there before. And I do remember when it was new and kind of like when it was new there. I can't remember. I feel like maybe I want to lemonade for the first time with The Simpsons or I'm trying to figure out what it was because it was like later it was Lisa happy that there wasn't a wide range of vegetarian options. She was thrilled. Borrow always put his order in light. Yeah, that's pain. Maggie, you know, can't.

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