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It was uncanny. His Eyes Went Y. You put his right hand on his afro massage the Scalp and let out an existential cy. This heavy it's been a lot of his adult life searching for the ideal version of herself as well as piecing together what he could call his family. He thought about his own father the absence the abuse could he ever be a good father. Was He cut out for parenthood? He thought about his recent premonition sat unshakeable feeling that he wouldn't lived see thirty the Tarot Cards Morocco Brian Jones. Would it be responsible to be a father right now? He also thought of another lover Diana Carpenter who had recently tracked him down after a show to tell him about his two year old daughter to Mika. Diana was a teenage runaway. When Jimmy I met her in New York City. Presently Jimmy's legal team was fighting a paternity suit from Diana in order to get to Meco officially recognized as Jimmy's flesh and blood and now eva. He Has Guardian Goddess in the past. He had dedicated shows to eva called her name from the stage. Even though one time on stage in Stockholm when he announced what hotel he was staying all kinds of eager fans would show up at his door that night but he was really looking for Eva. Take it and take another little piece of my heart. Now Baby Jimmy. I met her at a train station in Sweden back during one of the experiences whirlwind tours he was lost he asked if attractions that face of his that smile. It's summoned strangers put people at ease and he was lost and he was searching for his way in a new city. That was far until she fell for way. Any woman would have fallen for him if he asked her for directions. Jimmy had that way of asking for directions and making it sound like the overshirt too exciting long-term relationship from their near Stockholm lovers. She lost her virginity to him in his hotel room. In nineteen sixty eight the next year at the Hotel Carlton in Stockholm. She became pregnant from her late night. Tryst and now. The two stood facing each other in an unseen backstage scene. Eva asked Jimmy to go with me his son properly and Jimmy wouldn't put his is back honor instead just stared down the photo of baby. James a Rhody wearing a Canadian. Tuxedo tugged on Jimmy Shirt. Put A red hot roach up to his face and Jimmy did his best to inhale whatever smoke was coming off of it. Glasses clink together in the back of the room laughter bellowing voices. Norman Greenbaum spirit in the sky galloping from tiny transistor radio cranked up full blast on a catering table. Rife with decimated. Snacks either stirred to plead with Jimmy again but his entourage beat her to the punch. More hands reached out from the crowd laid themselves on. Jimmy's arms. People back in Jimmy over here Jimmy. You GotTa meet this Guy Jimmy. How did you feel the show? Jimmy was pulled into the breach either stood alone holding tiny photo of James and felt her goddess powers fee. She knew it then she been replaced by another seductress fame. After Jimmy's death Diana Carpenter would lose her battle to get to make a recognize. Jimmy daughter but Swedish courts would recognize James Sundquist Jimmy Son. The decision didn't mean anything in the states. So we've evolved another suit in order to get financial support for James when she misses state hoping to avoid too much press. Alex Jimmy's dad settled with a one million dollar payout short money in September. Nineteen seventy however even visit Diana's lawsuit were but a few of the things weighing on Jimmy's worried mind he continued to obsess over the direction of his music on. Whether or not Michael Jaffray should continue to be as manager the unceasing reminder of his own mortality and now babies could they be his babies. All of these things though took a backseat his mind the day he jumped into a helicopter. Too narrowly escaped a burning stage in anaylyst audience on that day. He simply wondered if you would make it off that German island alive. I'm Jay Brennan.

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