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Five thirty five on Wall Street time. For the Bloomberg NBC sports update with Jon Stashower. There've been a lot of NBA games of the mecca. The most points ever scored Madison Square Garden was five years ago income ELO, Anthony sports, sixty two last night at MSG Houston's. James harden went for sixty one. I wanted to be aggressive like I've been this entire season. I'm just came away with the win every game isn't going to be perfect. Great. But as we got to be able to fighting. We have our defense on pay or pay harden had thirty six points by halftime. He had fifteen rebounds. He went twenty two of twenty five from the free throw line in the last nine days partners that games of fifty seven fifty eight and now sixty one points, the Knicks seven straight losses twenty of the last twenty to the nets also had only one by the saints for the Knicks lost by one fourteen one ten over Orlando Magic thought they had tied the game on a nickel vuckovich put back with his wiped out for offensive interference the nets of net. One five zero eighteen of twenty three college hoops Fordham lose to the south Tennessee's first game ranked number one nearly upset by Vanderbilt is winless in the SEC with evolves. Won in overtime. They are seventeen and one Naomi Asaka who had the surprise one of the US open last summer now one win from taking the Australian Open. She wanted three center with Carolina pushed over the final will be Osaka against Patrick Evita ousted American. Danielle Collins the first men's semifinal is going on now and Raphael. The Dow is up two sets to love on Stefano's surpass with. The Bloomberg NBC sports update. I'm Jon Stashower. Nathan. Thank you, John. It is.

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