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Effectiveness quality, good logistics and distribution system station. Attractive vaccine can save lives. But that's a tall order to come up with the remaining time before. The pandemic, of course, has left hands of millions of Americans out of work. But this morning's government unemployment report shows positive sides about 881,000. Americans claim first time benefits last week. 130,000 fewer than the week before bankrate dot com analyst Mark Hambrick provide some context of this new claims were as high as 6.8 million in late March. While the highest number scene before the pandemic was the 695,000 claims in 1982, a day after President Trump suggested North Carolinians try voting twice to see if the system works. Facebook says it's trying to encourage Americans to vote legally and stop the spread of misinformation CEO Mark Zuckerberg on CBS this morning, one of the new policies that were announced and Is. We're going to block new political and issue ads in the last week of the campaign, and he says that means ads from all sides in Rochester, New York, There's outrage over just released police body Cam video that shows officers holding a black man with handcuffs hood over his head and by pressing his face. Into the ground for two minutes. It happened last March. David Prue died from this fixation. A week later, his brother Joe, Don't kill me. That was a center right there for your letter. What they did they continue to plan Brood, says family called police for help when his brother was in mental distress, he says they got a lynching instead. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, says Hi tech innovation could help reduce the number of big rig crashes his CBS Steve K. Thin This new study says safety features such as automatic emergency braking and Forward Collision.

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