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Joe Elliott and Toni Kroos news radio 8 40 W H A s. But upon 6 47 And Scott is here to talk about sports and just a little bit here. But Scott, one thing I have to say is I will not be surprised at all. In fact, I would expect that next year, then McDonald in the University of Louisville baseball team will be back. In the N C. Double a Let's head It had a tough here this year. But this guy gets it done consistently. And this is this is a bump in the road. He will be back next year. I have absolutely no doubt about that. No, no, you're you're You're absolutely right. Joe. Injuries really cost his team a shot Inconsistency, covert pauses. Etcetera, losing per second, the beginning of the season. Albany is losing him, too. On the mound. Adam Elliot came in and pitched, You know, in the game, we were at the conclusion of Miami game pitched lights out, and, of course, Michael Curie and started on fire and then worked his way back to the bullpen towards the end of the season. So you there are number of different, I guess reasons you could put why Louisville is not participating. This just the second time ever. Not counting last year when there was no postseason. The damn MacDonald hasn't had the cards in the postseason. So to your point, Joe, Absolutely. He'll be back there. I think one of the most interesting stories for for a sort of casual fans who like I don't follow Louisville baseball every day, But there is a young man by the name of Henry Davis. You need to remember that name if you're if you're a major league baseball fan, he is a catcher. He is a He is a great hitter. He is projected to be Keith Law from ESPN says he may be the top player picked in this year's major league draft. Certainly within the top five, probably within the top two or three. And this is a kid who who many people think is going to have a outstanding major league career because the kid can really hit well and he loves baseball so much that he wants to coach college baseball after after he's done playing. So he's already got one eye on the prize. And that's exactly the type of player the dammit Donald gets. That's the type of player he recruits and excuse me. This is just a one off for the Cardinals. Certainly when it dammit, Donald calls on top recruits in the country, then they're gonna listen to what he has to say. And they'll be back. They had some good wins this year that the Great win over Vanderbilt here where coach who went off and said Hey, look, We just had a ton of people of Derby. Why can't I have people in our games? And if you've never been to a local It's always a great experience your up close and personal with the action. You know, you just You can't beat it. So don't I would not expect global to be down for long lot of atmosphere at Louisville Baseball. Yes. I mean, it is. It is fun. Um, but this this kid, Henry Davis watch Watch for him, because I mean, if you if you're a baseball fan, don't forget that name You may you may well here. Of course, this is not the first guy that Louisville baseball is sent to the big leagues by far, but this is a guy you may be hearing a lot from Henry Davis. We'll see how he how he fares in this upcoming major league baseball draft. We're coming up on 6 50. It's Kentucky and this morning news Joe Elliott for Tony Cruz. Use radio 8 40 wh s somebody gets shot down over zealous play hard to get females. Three mind pet owners that progressive covers pets in our auto policy At no extra charge..

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