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And i'm katina sawyer and welcome to the worker being podcast so today katina. You've got an article for us. Do you want to give us a do sure. So this article today is about a concept. That i don't think we've talked about before which is called leader humility. Which will talk a little bit more about what that is. If you've ever worked for a leader who you think is Not very humble You might appreciate learning about what it is like to work for leader who is humble or maybe you have someone that you know. That is like that. So we're gonna talk about the importance of leader humility for concept that we have talked about before psychological capital but at the team level and how that impacts team performance love it. I love outside. Cap is very popular topic for us. We love it. People seem to love it. One of the most popular articles that we wrote as about that So i'm really excited. I mean psychological capital so many benefits. This is really interesting. That leaders can impact it. Yeah yeah so. Yeah when. I saw psych cap. I got interested because obviously we're always looking for all kinds of new research for our course onsite cap and so i was thinking. Oh this'll be good. Take a look. Give it a read and then i got super interested in leader humility And then over the last Like month or so One of my colleagues. And i have been doing a meta analysis on leader humility. Also been reading a little bit about in the background as well so leader. Humility is kind of a new. Like interested in it. Because i think it's i think more leaders should be more humble. I think you're probably right. That's interesting though. So you'll have you'll give us a little more insight into leader humility than just this article. Since you're yeah in that research right now. Yeah yep yes so. I can give some insights from that ball. Awesome great great well before we get started and just want to announce to everyone that this is our last episode before we do a two week. Holiday break again. I can't believe it's already the holidays. What is i no It really is yes. We'll be off The next two weeks and come back in early january so We'll armindo everybody at the end of the show as well but just a good note that you should all take the break as well take some time to relax and enjoy the holidays as much as you can in this bizarro year of twenty twenty and probably saw a lot on new year's that it's over even though the viruses and over but at least the year is over. Maybe it'll be better next year. I don't know yeah. Yeah and you know it seems like. That's what experts are saying. So i'm hopeful for that as well And i think that actually being that this is our last episode before the holiday break and we're talking about humility. It's actually kind of interesting thing because one.

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