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Over the hill behind our house. No more than a hundred feet. Power. The crash of the vintage training plane didn't hurt anyone else and didn't spark any fires in the rugged terrain border agents, have seen a spike in migrants from Africa to the US, many are headed to Portland Maine, which migrants have apparently meant told is a welcoming place, one hundred seventy of arrived in recent days. Maine's governor Janet Mills says they do need some help. Confused. Some of the main. Contribute fear assistance as well. Hundreds, more expected officials are scrambling to absorb the migrants. Border agents say they're on pace to process triple the number of African migrants this year compared to the twenty one hundred who came to the US in two thousand seventeen a massive blackout has left millions without electricity in Argentina, the president of the center for the study of energy regulatory activity in Argentina says is kind of outage has never happened in the country. He says systemic operational and design errors played a role in the power grids collapse. Actress and comedian Tiffany, haddish says she just can't do it still fans. She's cancelling her performance next week in Atlanta over Georgia's ban on most abortions, the star of girls trip, says she cannot in good faith perform there, unless the state withdraws, the so-called heartbeat, Bill. Bans abortions, once a fetal heartbeat is detected that can be as early as six weeks before many women, even know they're pregnant, unless it's blocked in court. It's set to go into effect next year. Here. The has vowed a legal challenge major, Hollywood studios have said they may pull the plug on filming in Georgia. If the law goes into effect, Michael, pay KFI news today. Festival's coming to marina del Rey, next weekend. Marina fest at Burton, chase park celebrates the coastal lifestyle of marina del Rey. The festivals rescue. Renton says there's going to be an in water boat show. Rian related vendors. We'll give you an example of what it's like to, to use del Rey, whether the paddle board or fancy yacht. There will also be food trucks, historic water, tours and activities for the kids car fire in.

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