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These two teams combined to form the Spiegel's Yes, they do have history together. Absolutely. This is correct. But today two separate teams and 11 of the bragging rights for the state of Pennsylvania. Jeff will touch base. You have to kick off by the way Last thing before I let you go. Whether today does not look like it's a factor, is it? No weather's beautiful maybe rain at the end of the game, But right now it's cloudy and 72 a light breeze. Alright, beautiful. We love to hear Jeff will talk after kickoff. All right here that Jeff Hawthorne in Pittsburgh, where the three you know Steelers, host of 12 and one Eagles. Let's head to Houston, where Adam's Blaine is standing by other than Covad 19. The biggest news of the week was Bill Brian being sacked on Monday, and they're taking on the one in three Jaguars today and checking in is Adam Spooling, Adam Good afternoon. All right. I bet you never thought you'd see the day where Romeo Crennel was the head coach of an NFL team. But here we are yet again on its 73, the oldest coach in NFL history, when the when the Texans host the Jaguars, but a guy with experience and and look, you know, it's a tough spot for this team because their own for it. It's a long road back. And really, you know this this this big because Bill O'Brien was both coach and GM. This is ah, A year of you know, this team is in a state of flux right now. I don't know how they get through it. But I guess you got to do whatever you can and make the best of it And look, whatever if they could somehow get the seven and nine. I think that would be a good season for them. Yet The problem for them is that they basically spent all their draft capital already, so in a sense, it feels like it is a lost season with the Texans and the problem with that is that they don't have their own first round pick. They don't have their own second round picks. And a lot of their best players are older. J. J. Watt, still one of their best defenders. He's in his thirties. You've got one year left on his contract after next season. They've already started to pay some of these guys they when Bill O'Brien took over in 2014. They were two and 14. But they had a bunch of guys on rookie deal. They had J. J. Watt on rookie deal DeAndre Hopkins and Whitney Mercilus. We're on rookie deals they had guys that were still in their prime. And O'Brien leaves them with Watson, which is obviously a huge plus. But what is older, and basically all of their best players are guys who have gotten big contracts with Laramie counsel And like I said, with Watson, it's just the organization just does not feel like it's in a real good spot and not having a first round pick this past year, not having a first round pick in 2021. It doesn't help the situation No, absolutely. And on the field right now, the Texans there's no question about Shawn Watson. But there is a big question about their defense and the way they've been able to play against the run or lack of their their play against the run So far this year, they entered the NFL the end of this week with the NFL's worst run defense. How did they fix that? On the fly like this? It's just about being. I think, more physical and kind of staying in your gaps and being more discipline. I think in being in your gaps more than anything, big problem for them is that they don't have a lot of depth on that enough front seven, But they spent a lot of money with that front. Seven. What obviously makes a lot of money They gave Bernard Rick McKinney a really big contract as an inside linebacker, saying thing was that Cunningham they gave they gave him a big contract. But they let d J reader go and reader was nose tackle and he really anchored. Ah lot of what that run defense was able to do, and they just haven't been able to replace him and they they had that they had some tough decisions to make when it came to Salaries because they didn't need to walk Lancelot because of what they gave up for him in the trade. They do that they needed to sign Watson and give him an extension. But in doing so, they essentially gave away DeAndre Hopkins and they just had to let Rita walk. Texas owned four Jaguars 13. If there's any solace for the Texans this afternoon, and they don't have to see Josh Allen, the second year player who came off a Pro Bowl season in his rookie year, a great pass rusher. And then selling detectives have been ableto protected Shawn Watson leader this season, so of the fact that that the Jags will be without Alan is a real big key for them. If they just try and get the office going Yeah, and some of the other big inactives here, Bernard Rick McKinney out today. Kiki Kuti is out today. Miles Jack. Also out for for the Jaguars balls. Dede Westbrook. So a lot of big an active here today in this game, so you know, it's It's not a surprise when you see when you see the long inactive list in the teams have combined for just one win through the first seven games total. And have lost their Laster. And you know what? The Jags They lost three in a row, so they're only six the last three weeks. So, Yeah, This is just a battle to see who can avoid seller of of the South and For the Texans. They came into this season with some expectations. If they want to have any chance of getting back to the postseason, they have to win today. It's simple Is that Adam? Thanks so much for checking in. We'll talk in about 40 minutes or so..

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