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Can he do it efficiently and can do it without killing your team with turnovers and port decision. Making on shots was always the question and the answer so far has been know. Exactly he just. He never turned the corner in that respect and got better which is interesting because a lot rookie guards you put him out there. And and that happens the first twenty thirty forty games but then the second half of the season they recognize things they turned the corner and and it starts really trending upward. Just never happened with Dennis Smith and there was a lot of people in New York when they got him as part of the the trade that got them. The Got Dallas KRISTAPS Porzingis. That actually thought he was going to be the better fit at point guard. He was the guy that was gonna come in and really be able to light it up at the garden. It's just been a major major disappointment and briefly for his time in New York. You know fourteen point seven points game after that trade there was a few signs of that. But it's it just fell off a cliff this year that Collins. He's all right like we we. We could've taken. I think Portland wishes. They took the other collins you know. He's he had a tough year this year. We didn't really get to see him I think I think he's you know they kind of pushed him into into being the starting four. I think he's probably more of a five and I think still remains to be seen. Exactly what his level is. He's really start or if he's more just a rotation guy like yeah he's he's all right like we we could just as easily taken minute is not in this exercise. Malinche monk. We talked a little bit about it. The shock the absolute shock with me. Monk is how poorly he shot the basketball from three. The not see that coming was a forty percent three point shooter at Kentucky With Unlimited Range and is free throw percentage eighty two percent. Said that you know that wasn't the issue shot twenty eight percent from three this year in. Charlotte. Yeah just shocking right. I mean I I really thought he could shoot a Kentucky and then so I'm floored by what's shooting the athleticism the aggressiveness. You can get I. He slipped this because of the lack of size. And what position does he play and he defend his shot selection. There's a number of reasons that justified him slipping this low. But it's just I think that's the right word is shocking at how poorly. He's ended up shooting the basketball and the league and without that there's just not a lot of reason to play Malik Monk Not at all Luke Kennard another guy we could just as easily taken like. He had some pretty good moments. This year is a forty percent. Three point shooter. He shown some ability to create in pick and roll as a secondary Guy Probably never going to be much of a defender but he definitely has value in a place in the league. Is He a long-term starter. I think he's still question. That a little and obviously Detroit. You know the to all-stars got picked right after him so that will always smart a little for them. Yeah he he actually had a really. He only played in twenty eight Games for Detroit this year but sixteen points a game shot forty percent from three shot fifty percent from the field and averaged four assists. A game yes. There's a little bit of an underrated part of his game. Billy to handle the ball and and pass the ball which was what attracted some teams to him at this point in the draft. Maybe he's GonNa turn it around a little bit. Yeah you know and like I. I think he's a good offensive player and is is he more of a six man lead creator in that role or is he good enough to to be a starter and Kenny. Hold up enough to be a starter and then the other thing you worry about. A little now is the that gave them so much trouble this year. Bad Bad Times with knees in Detroit all right well that has been our redraft of the two thousand seventeen NBA draft. We will be back next week. Redrafting the two thousand and six going way back two thousand six NBA draft. Were Andre a Bariani? What number one to the raptors have a feeling he won't go number one and Adam Morrison Bill Simmons? All Time Favorite College Basketball Player went number three to Charlotte. Lot to talk about. Wow and the guy like tyrus Thomas wet for the Chicago. Also now good at is and Sheldon Williams. Went five minutes. This is a disastrous that. Wow Wow lamarcus. Audrey was. Good is a disastrous top five. We're going to. We're going to have to stretch a little bit of two thousand six draft. Wow Oh I'm looking at. Wow there are some names and Mr at all my God well. Wow well how survivor go way way back in two thousand six you've listened to Chat Ford's NBA Big Board of a lockdown podcast network..

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