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You know, maybe Maradas next choose with the guy from. Or story from what or story American horror story Oishi. Do you watch that I've never seen it? I love it. But I don't know who her man is. I have read some lines that are troubling. But I choose to ignore them. She has a boyfriend yet a longtime friend, but she's. Not the do you follow her? Did you ever watch glee when it was on? And who did you on PBS? Who did you like what are your thoughts? I think for the time we were in. It was really cool. I think now like it would be really corny like, I just think Riverdale things so much more edgy. And I just I don't think like that would. Yeah. That's very fair assessment. Do you ever watch scream queens? I did not know that's going to be a problem for us. It's the best show ever happens the world yet with two M'S or one with one N. And you remember when we started dating and we were talking like around Halloween, and then I trust scream queens for Halloween. So you should. And I remember the show this question before because when we were talking before Halloween, just, you know, flirting in the office by the water, cooler, you were like asked me what I was going to be for Halloween, and I said from scream queens, and you hadn't watch show. You would think he would have gone home and watch it could have something to talk to me about them each just like lunch. I wonder if I watching episode because of that I might have really of you would remember it's like that premium anyways, very happy for Lee Michelle and in some other wedding news chance the rapper has also married. His longtime girlfriend cure Ston corley. Chancer is a married, man. Hip. Hop star twenty five he's young what his longtime girlfriend Kirstin corley on Saturday at the resort. At pelican hill in Newport Beach, California, people confirms guests included Kim Kardashian west and her husband, Kanye who have been longtime friends of chance a source tells people comedian Chapelle was also in attendance, according to a news, although the robber has yet to share any photos from pairs nuptials. He did leave a comment underneath a handful of images and videos taken from the ceremony which were posted online by the shade room. I did see that they got like paparazzi photos, and he commented these photos came from some lanes. Wait till you see the official ones. He must have an exclusive or something with people magazine. And he's just like doesn't want that to cut into his chancellor. He seems like above that those same common. I had right when when photos are being leaked. These lames except it was like all people that we knew and we were like happy to leave them thoughts because I saw pictures of Konya like he was wearing like what look to be like a just black jeans. Okay. Short sleeve button, black buttoned-down, okay? At the wedding..

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