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We'll be Odal Beckham. And how the giants move him around. Because if I were the giants I would not line Odell Beckham up over Richard Sherman. Not because I think which is great and can lock down because I think Beckham can put anyone in the spin cycle. But why go to the most the best coverage defender on the team when you can target the weakest, and I think that's if I were Pat Shurmur an hour. The and I were running that offense. I'd say auto Beckham go up against Keller Witherspoon show me what you got. And I think that that's the one thing that that could really really debilitate the forty Niners pretty early and alternatively, I think you look at their deep safety you've got Jimmy ward who's playing deep safety. He's playing safety only because the starting free safety was injured. And so and he's I mean, it's debatable. Whether or not as good as a star. Her, but I could see Odal Beckham getting both deep shots as well as underneath plays and really shredding the forty Niners because that's one area where they're just not very good. Oscar before I let you go. Give me a quick prediction or the giants going to going to actually go into San Francisco and come out with a win. Or are they going to go into San Francisco and come out, you know, threatening to steal the number one pick in the draft away from the raiders, man. I really think that this game's gonna come down to pressure. And I think it's gonna come down to two turnovers. I think if the forty Niners can generate pressure on ally. Manning and make him uncomfortable in the pocket, then they're going to have a leg up and the Niners pass rushers are not anything to be really worried about. I mean, you've got cash Marsh whose scrap-heap pass rusher. And that's about it. You've got the forest Buckner on the inside and to coda Watson. I think if you're looking to watch someone just came back from injury, and he could be the wild card in getting some pressure on Eli manning. But if the Niners get pressure, I think the Niners end up winning this game. And likewise, it Becher can't manufacture pressure on Mullins. I think the Niners when this game. I think even if he does I think call Shanahan is a good enough. Coach at this point to be able to take advantage of some of what the giants are doing. So I think it's going to be close. I think the spread is somewhere near three points. But I do think the Niners eke out a win by field goal. Maybe not more. But I think the Niners do winning at home. All right, Oscar, hey, I really appreciate your taking some time. It's a better rivals podcast in giants fans. If you're looking for some some extra forty Niners information, please check it out Scurr. Hopefully, we'll do this again sometime. Absolutely. I would love to thanks for having me on. All right. Bye. Bye. Okay. Our thanks to Oscar up for spending a few minutes and dropping some forty Niners knowledge on us giants fans. We thank you. For listening wanted to remind you that Valentine's views is one of two shows here on big blue view radio Dan position. And Chris flow. Or hosting a twice weekly show up to this point. They've done a preview and a review of giants games beginning this week with the addition of the Valentine's view shows their second show each week is going to be an NFL draft Centric show. Please make sure that you give that a listen the the first draft related episode of Dan and Christmas show should drop on Friday. We hope that you will that you will give that a listen. We also hope that you will subscribe to the big blue view podcasts,

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