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And be searching with enough communities all the of what we are sitting out to cheat and an and i think that for me the the great am meaning i have of of where we could to is into the future of the world that we can tech cab ourselves as communities and as with cat and i think that care and kindness our rainy and safety arini words that have to come to the poll and with global leadership and knocked whitewashed washed. Yes let's action. Honest and equity for the environment equity for humanity and in a equal opportunities and that to me is is creating this global world where we own into connect and again sure that he had the one the bag because when people buy a one bag and then know that of that one the bag is is being donated to family who which will get to one back and we took about off sittin carbon credits Global corporations no longer want to sit with cobb and that is in a ding sampling. Would you can't see is not affecting communities people one to offset the cobb and be responsible. Companies wildest creating employment creating opportunities wass to coaching global woman and and when the bag is one of the common Projects that actiony has an impact of every single sustainable development goal and we can claim that the critics it's reality outdated tells us that so we created the amazing opportunity of mobile corporations to say. Hey we wanna an project to win the back. We want to sit the out our and out carbon footprint by getting a one the bed into every home in malahide. How cool would that be. Is it every corporation or every polluter every m at company in a temporary that has these huge databanks and they suddenly said but we want to. We don't just wanna sit with seven. Nc project we wanted. We want to be able to talk about the people who have been fatigue drum carbon credits. I think basically what the ad is is bringing together. Noble businesses environmental honesty and and and change and the humanitarian. Whoa so that china angle go is the magic that is happy with the world of of what defender and his daily is magic Certainly as as i'm sitting out. I mean clearly inspired by saying full any young women that are listening to the show I'm going to ask a question and before secretion. I've got a caveat. The so obviously i'm a male and i've got acknowledged that is no way that i can fully understand rely to the issues that the women samiti lying on. You also told me. Accountable union asking. This question always was talking to my wife. You know you'd have to. there's podcasts. And i she's listening. So some is the superintendent strong like included qualified successful woman and one of the questions that that came up is as a strong and successful women operating in this male dominated patriarchal society and corporate world particularly for you when you're actively trying to empower other women. How how'd you turn off that nagging voice. That may be says do you. Maybe it is an actual voice that is do. You don't belong in the space or you're not good enough or you shouldn't take up too much of a fuss about something. Because that's just it's gonna awful failures and actually sit quietly. In the in the back of the boardroom. And in things slide to the young women listening are. How do you move pasta idea. Overcome that in net. Jared driving hours thinking about this person. I was thinking that you had touched on that point and now wondering if i was done to you answer that you expect to hear or give my chew on sir. That's going through on-scene that lead this truth with me sir. Speech for a woman on the ordinary considered mess up in a different their rates rates. Being bed i am. I avoid none. Action knee have never considered messed up a woman entrepreneur at considered nacelle as somebody on a mission and m and defected. I'm a woman made no difference i. I haven't believed by saying that. I probably have taken be too.

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