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It's All Things Considered from NPR news I'm ari Shapiro and I'm very the weeds Kelly tended to occur first appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone in the nineteen seventies almost fifty years later she won her first Grammy last night the one thing I do know after all these years is that I'm not doing it by myself it's coming through me and there's a reason for that news live from NPR news in Culver city California I'm doing police I cannot tell it is now week two of the Senate impeachment trial of president Donald Trump and the white house team plans to conclude its arguments in favor of the president's soon in light of a New York times report today claiming that trump's former national security adviser John Bolton was told directly by the president to hold military aid to Ukraine in exchange for investigations into trump's political rival the centers may soon consider whether witnesses will be called Ken Starr a member of the White House defense team declared today that presidential impeachment has become a weapon against a political opponent like war impeachment is hell or at least presidential impeachment is how can start speaking before senators on Capitol Hill in Ontario health officials are reporting a second possible case of the corona virus as Dan carbon Chuck reports the patient is the wife of the first person infected on the weekend Ontario's chief medical officer Dr David Williams says the fact that the wife of patient one has been in self isolation means the risk of the virus spreading remains low he says health officials have been in regular contact with her the first presumptive case was a fifty year old man who had been in will heighten China before traveling back to Canada last week he had developed symptoms and was taken to the hospital the day after returning he's been in isolation while officials await confirmation results of the virus from the national microbiology lab in Winnipeg meanwhile health officials are in the process of contacting passengers on this flight from Guang Jo who might have come into contact with him for NPR news I'm Dan carping check in Toronto the NBA says they will postpone tomorrow's Lakers game against the clippers to respect those mourning the loss of basketball giant Kobe Bryant Bryant and eight others were killed in a helicopter crash yesterday you're listening to NPR news most of business economists are projecting somewhat slower growth in the coming year but as NPR's Scott Horsley reports the outlook has improved in the last three months a survey by the national association for business economics found a solid majority of forecasters are predicting GDP growth this year between one and two percent that would be a modest slowdown from last year's growth rate but some economists expect to see faster growth up to three percent back in October only about one in five economists expected growth in that ballpark today the number is closer to one in three eighteen percent of business economists and their companies had reduced their work force over the last three months about the same number of firms that added employees analysts say that could be because companies are having trouble finding workers nearly half the economists surveyed said their firms had increased pay to help with recruiting Scott Horsley NPR news Washington Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his main opponent Benny gallons are in Washington meeting separately with president Donald Trump they are in talks to try and resolve the decades long Israeli Palestinian conflict trump says he plans to unveil his midis Mideast peace plan on Tuesday around noon saying Palestinians should want it though he added they won't initially because of several pro Israeli moves by trump Palestinian officials continue to boycott his administration I'm doing a holy psych hotel NPR news in Culver city California you're listening to All Things Considered on ninety point three K..

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