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You can see. She's he's good with a hook. Yes it's kind of fun. Poppy sound but it feels a little different in her music videos. If you have a chance to check them out you know. When i was reading about her i was like this reminds me a lot of grooves in the heart videos and and luckily when i was reading about her they talked about how that she She was really influenced by that In addition to Janet jackson beck santana jack white tuba motto And then art like old like staple artists like a shock. A con and daryl hall david byrne michael mcdonald erica. Do like all over the place. Just somebody that you know loves music. She actually went to college. At the usc. Thorp school of music Finished in twenty eighteen. Q play also that part of that song where multiple walter matthau gets on and does like averse. He does like a guest verse shit. Who is the other guy grumpy old men you ever see that flick now but i obviously i. I am familiar with it. Yeah you man. Am i five fucking years old. I feel like a like a crypt keeper. Always have been as part of what drew me to you. Is it jack lemmon. Yes i just googled. It as you were as you were stumbling. Remember as jack linen jack. Limon lemon it's a fun name if you've never seen the movie it's too old gentleman. Slow are really fucking cantankerous. And that's about it. They made two of them two of them. They may grumpy all men than they made. Grumpier old men even more pissed off now on. I don't know do they hold up at the second segment to the show. What's up everybody. We're very mac. The old format just for me though. Because i'm doing grumpy. All men rates was going to do grumpier old and then they may want where they were. The president i think and it was called head of head of state or was that the chris rock movie where he became the press griffin you. Sometimes you go places. I can't go with you and it makes me so lonely. I'm so sorry. I told i warned you texans yours like i'm going to do a whole walter matthau through review on this episode. Should've known when. I sent you that song. I should have thought. Wait wait wait wait wait no yeah only listen to like a few bars event my favorite clips from the funny Grumpy old man movie so anyway. She has a new album. Coming out october. Fifteenth called jew. Now which is the name of her dog. She has done a lot of her music producing in the pandemic and so Her first biggest performance was slated to be bonnaroo on september fourth. Not really sure as of this recording the status of that performance man. Yeah but she's also coming austin city limits this year hans fine so there's bright bright future ahead i also wanted to recommend An album of her new track is called liquor store which apparently got a boost when willow smith covered it on instagram. Ooh that's good. He's also had some attention from john mayer who apparently like reach out to her just to be like. Hey crush school track She has released. Ap's but this will be her first big album She had a ep your dog and then in the year later in twenty twenty a follow up called allergic to dogs exclusive. What was the first one. You're a dog. I thought you said euro dog to like that though is a german shepherd a euro dog. You gotta love it. Some many like french bulldog is a euro dog. Somebody potential names for this episode. I'm always looking for the song of the summer. And i know it is about to be september. We'll be september as of the airing of this episode. But i really. I feel like remmy wilshire. Had the song summer if she doesn't already we haven't we haven't mentioned on a show first of all we did. Just watch that episode lingard again with christopher joyce with christopher jackson singing shujaat ponta bought. But i'm going to say some of the summer at least for me is my own drum. from vivo particularly the messiah remix. A comes in at the leash it. Well i wanna say that. Maybe wolf has a sunland this summer though out. Well just use swooped in here. That's my with songs of the sun. Yes that's fair. see go go check her out. She's got a lot of really cool videos on youtube and and they're like all bops. All the songs are bops. Best one hundred percent. And and the slaps you do not get that kind of guarantee from rachel this lapse loving that's going to be all slaps bops Hey thank you to bow and it's gonna slap bops thanks to go in for these teams on money won't pay you found linked to that right in the old episode description and thanks to maximum fun for having us on the network. There's so many great shows on the maximum network that you should be listening to like the flop house. Rachel's been hitting that flop house space jam episode. Yeah i am afraid to listen to it because it's just like i. That movie space jam to is so important to me We got depression. We got jackie. Laurie show we bulls. You've got greatest discovery cash to pay your dog. there's just endless endless shows if you are all see all the.

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