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Oh, we've already talked about it. We had a resolution. And if we decide to go to a different model, we're gonna have to come up with the whole new resolution. Of course I'm screaming at the computer. Yeah, because your thing isn't goingto work. So, Yeah, you put the work and that's why we've elected. You guys. You're gonna have to rethink this when something isn't working. So the thought Woz and I think it was. Ah, no. Who was it? It was we have Bolton that brought up the 2 to 1 model. Which, personally to me, That makes sense, which means half the students would come two days. The other half will come in person, the other two days and then everyone would be virtual one day, and that's how actually they do it at ST Ursula. They all go to school on Monday Tuesday. Wednesday is a virtual day where they do a deep cleaning of the school, and then they all go back on Thursday Friday, this would be splitting up because they don't have the capacity in some of the classrooms to accommodate the numbers that CPS would have. So I do understand that But my question is, why can't you have say alphabet? A through M go in person Monday Tuesday and the rest of the alphabet log in there already logging in. They know how to do it. Do that, and then have Wednesday be virtual and then flip flop on Tuesday, Thursday Friday I don't know what they're going to come up with that on September 21st. They're supposed to revisit it because it's got a lot of legs to it. But what was decided is that the preschoolers They're going to get them into the building A s a P. And that did cause a lot of controversy on Facebook that they're preschoolers. But, um, and then the special units, which I also fully agree with. Those are special needs kids, your autism, those with very special learning problems. They cannot learn virtually and they need to be in person. So They are making a priority Get those two particular groups, But I heard last night that CPS and this was on the meeting. The CPS initiative is to have every child reading by third grade. And they really need tohave attention put to that, if they need Tio have that initiative met because 1st 2nd and 3rd graders need to get in person so they can learn how to read now of the school board members. This is all done virtually in which everyone's on zoom. I would assume the seven school board members. In fact, that's going around social media this morning. Michael Moore. Oscar is on the school board is talking about his 2.5 mile walk, and they got a 2.5 miles. Why would assume to school board members have been to Kroger have been a Costco? They've been a tar Jay. They've been the WalMart My Komarovsky, who's well intended, but damn it. He's a liberal, a scene or all these Facebook postings walking all over town without a mask on because he's outside. How's it possible that the school board cannot meet in person when they're meeting? Other person's constantly out inside the regular life along with these 35,000 kids that are living their lives as well as they can living in the community, doing what they're doing? Playing sports practicing. How's it possible that other school districts have figured out how this works, including most of the schools have been playing high school football now for about a month? How come CPS cannot figure it out? After a month of this? It does boggle your mind. I don't know. I don't have that answer. I mean, he he was one that was visibly Agitated when any kind of discussion was talking about getting these kids back in the classroom. His suggestion Wass. He wants to keep them virtual as long as possible because he has the fear of the flu seats and the regular season blue moral that's coming up and you know it. Start in October. Well, I started thinking about that thinking. I've never heard of massive numbers of people having the flu in October, like where schools had all these absences in a normal year. I feel like this is just my observation with everything we're doing and all the protocols that we've put in place all around our world. I actually think the flu season is going to be less than it ever has been. Not in fact, in the Southern Hemisphere. It is more than 50% less because of the Senate, a similarity between the regular flu and covert 19, plus the fact people are wearing masks washing their hands every seven or eight seconds. Everyone's got to disinfect and all that's going on. And so you're telling me with ah, half a billion dollars of a budget CPS cannot figure out a way to get the kids back to school, and they keep kicking the can down the road is such a point that the can is very much Dennett and there's no road left. We're now toward the end of September, the earliest they would go backto full in person. Instruction might be next year. Correct this five kids in school five days and school is not gonna happen for months. Oh, now, that's for sure. Yeah, five days in school, Not goingto happen along these other school district in the cold, Frederick figure it out, but CPS can't. I think they have influences coming in, and it was very apparent when Julie Sellers got on to speak. She is the teacher Union representative, Um, it was very apparent to many of us that there is an agenda. She does not want the kids in school. She's fearful there are fearful of the dangers of these lives. But you know if if you truly have AH, legitimate fear maybe it's someone in your household that has health conditions. Or maybe the student then South have some health conditions. We have A opportunity for virtual learned with the digital Academy. There is an option for you for that, but the rest of us And the rest of the students who greatly benefit from in person learning not only academically but mental health and all those other things that we all know about. They can go. But somehow it Julie Sellers, as the teachers union was really, really pushing, keeping these kids staying at home, and I just don't understand why the reason I'm told by insiders is that the teachers union Determines who's on the school board by endorsing or not endorsing a person that is money in a sweat equity, and is the fact you have a block of teachers. Thousands of voting one way. And so when the last person called on by the school board was the head of the teacher's union, she wanted to send a message that we're not coming back to teach, even if they would order the school would start in the next month or two or three. If the teachers won't teach. In fact, she had a sign up on a resume on her resume video in which behind her was a size changers on strike. And so it's sad. The sign teachers on strike and so even at the school board that owed its existence to the teachers union in Cincinnati, wanted to come back. Teachers on strike. She could stop it anyway. So further for months to come. There will not be in person education five days a week for 35,000 kids correct for definitely five days a week for sure will not happen. Yeah, that's not gonna happen to the best we can hope for is if they get some kind of resolution On the 23 model, which the teachers I've talked to. It is so much work to do the 23 model. Too much work E mean It's not that it's too much and because I do want to say I've spoken to a lot of CPS teachers, and they really do want to be in the classroom. This Julie Sellers is on Ly, representing You don't know who she's talking to. But she's on ly representing some louder mouth who missed be making more noise because the teachers I know Who are who are trying to do this virtually doing the best they can. But they much prefer to be in the class. Absolutely. And in fact, how many of the 35,000 kids in CPS have been hospitalized with covert 19? I don't know the number, but I know the last time it was. It was none zero. It's still zero. All right. We got to run too cold. Frederic, We'll check in with you next week. Maybe high school football. Maybe not. Maybe high school football next Friday night. Maybe not. Probably no in person because the teachers won't do it. The union controls what happens. I know that taxpayers you included are spending a half a billion dollars a year. Which is in addition to the money on the bond levy about six years ago to build all these billion dollars schools and they're sitting there empty because the teachers union will not go to work and the school board will not meet in person, even though they spend their lives in the community, But they want to send a message. We're in dangerous times, even though no kids and CPS had been hospitalized. No teachers have been hospitalized, but they refuse to work. Nicole Frederick thank you again for coming on the Bill Cunningham show and God help anybody this Friday night and Cincinnati public schools that want to fly the American flag coming out of the tunnel. If anyone wants to cover that one once that display the American flag, I know they're in deep trouble and taken no question about it..

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