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It's gonna be pretty mild through the end of the week feels like April in were a little cooler this weekend we'll see a chance of rain showers late tonight lows in the low sixties rain showers around to begin Friday that overcast skies with highs in the low to mid seventies I'm meteorologist mark Thibodeau from the weather channel on one of six one of him talk next news in thirty minutes follow us on social media go to one oh six one FM talk dot com to connect there's no better way to start the day the firm handshake with the soft buttery needy Bojangles country ham biscuit well unless you got to a double handshake because with deliciously cured grilled crispy ham between perfectly fluffy biscuits that are made from scratch every twenty minutes that's what we call a deal well struck get your fill with country ham biscuits for just three fifty right now and Jennings it's about time there's no time like both time time to stop whatever you're doing for some of the nation's Bojangles flavor satisfy your craving for flavor right now with not one but two country ham biscuits right now get to hot made from scratch bangles buttermilk biscuits filled with real country him for just three fifty that's right two four three fifty for a limited time at participating Bojangles and remember Bojangles serves breakfast biscuits all day every day hungry for flavor and value that it's both times the families.

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