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One call that's all sports test. Here's Brian D. That could be it for the Milwaukee Bucks in a game they led by as many as 17 points. The box offense and defense suffered a second half let down in a 1 14 went away lost to the Brooklyn Nets. The Nets dug into the box. 16 point halftime lead shaving 10 points off in the third quarter alone. Said coach Mike Budenholzer. We had a good first three quarters, you know, stalled out a little bit offensively in the forest, so we got to be better executed down the stretch, trailing 1917 with 45 seconds left a rare Kevin Durant, miss. Give the box a chance to tie, But Janice fumbled the ball, negating an easy dunk attempt. Durant was followed, knocked down both of his free throws and essentially ended the game. Pragmatic WTMJ sports. Yannis led the box with 34 points but was completely overshadowed by a miraculous performance from Kevin Durant. He's the best. He's the best player in the world right now, and we gotta we gotta beat him as a team. We got a garden as a team. We've got to make him make tough shots, like slight. Uh And we just gotta keep doing our job and hopefully like, hopefully it's gonna miss 49 points. 17 rebounds, 10 assists from the former Every plea, Jean he played all 48 minutes last night. I know I'm using this term a lot. But hope is not a strategy. Can't hope the guy is going to miss you make somebody else shoot You ready for a strategy that hasn't been employed yet. How about put your former defensive player of the year Yannis and did a Google on Kevin Durant something we haven't seen all series long? Yeah, That's amazing How that how that How does that not happen? It's a big time indictment on a guy that might be out of the job soon for what it's worth in baseball. Bruce Feiler heads to the one intended in Cincinnati does not record a hit the extra frames still able to score two runs, though. Despite the law spread, Henderson has a lot tone for him growing seven shutout innings. According to Statcast. Anderson throws six different types of pitches. He faces only 23 batters, which is just too over the minimum for seven innings. Manager Craig Counsell is impressed. She just X Executed a whole bunch of pitches and there was a Christmas to it. I mean, everything was good curveball, Changeup, little color. I mean sinker. So there was really pitching clinic. I mean, that's that's as good a performance as we've seen this year. Anderson finishes with nine strikeouts and nine groundball outs at American Family Field. Matt Paulie WTMJ Sports The Brewers try to salvage the series Today. Coverage of Game three starts at 12 35. Here on WTMJ and finally in football. Aaron Rodgers, speaking publicly once again this time. That's ahead of his celebrity golf match with Bryson Shambo, Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady. The quarterback took some gentle ribbing from Brady about the way the NFC championship game ended. I do think you do have a partner that would probably have liked to go for a little more often than he has in the past. So Bryce and bite your encouraging Him to kind of go for it when it's on the line, So rather than you know, just not getting the fairway or something like that and try to try to play for the next shot. Yeah, I'll never I'll never push anyone to do anything so he can choose whatever he wants to do it. All right. Well, I usually don't get the option. I just want to go on record and say this was like my least enjoyable sportscast in the history of my time on WTMJ. The box getting just absolutely ravaged. By Kevin Durant. The Brewers coming up short in 10 innings and Aaron Rodgers taking ribbing from top Ready This is the worst 5 49 at WTMJ..

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