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Ben McCulloch was a day in the library for me, which I wrote when I was twenty years old, and I guide just for some reason saw in me, I think probably the same way I do some younger writers I run into some him. And he he him in towns were totally different. It's like the different between got towns would give me a copy of bury my heart at winded ain't got read. It guy would show me how he laid a song out on the page. You know, and and they were selected difference between care wack and Ginsburg like care wag died. Young didn't write the last decade in half of his life. The same thing with hounds towns to be fifty one. And he didn't he wrote a couple? They're both great solve. Wrote a couple of last last fifteen years of his life. And but guy worked every day wrote San's right up until just a few months before he passed some really interesting that I don't know if you could lay out for people, but when you said that guy was kind of person would lay out the pattern or the the threat of a story on a page was hit or you talking like diagrams will. I this happen. Then we go down here. And that describe what you mean basic-, basically what he did when he showed me was what he did. And he wrote on the yellow legal pads with and he had our say with a with a pencil and a bigger Acer, and whatever the inspiration was there was a course varies, and if you knew chorus put it hit put it in down the page, and then he would leave space for the already had the melody he would draw outlines number them where the lines go in and start filling in the gaps. And and that, you know, so I started doing that. Now. No problem. I had was my handwriting was so legible that even when I was sober. I could I will often wake up and and have written some down and could not read my own handwriting. So digital saved me. And I basically, right. The way that guy Clark, Tom either. I do it on I found I I, you know, anything I put in notes on my phone goes on my computer or my ipad on medically and the cool thing about computers. I teach this because I teach songwriting in my this camp that I do I in digital you can lay it out on the page. And if you go that's not really the first verse. That's the second verse you can grab the whole and drag it down the page. So it works. Great for songwriting the way that I was talked to did. He was methodical. He would no doubt about it. He built tars. And I once asked him, why do you always billed to tars and this? This is a stupid question to me now because I know a lot about collect cars, I know about a lot about building them. But this is when I was twenty I ask. Asked him why they always built at least two they're always built in batches of even numbers. And there's a reason because he said he looked at me like a little surprised that I couldn't figure it out logically. He said because there's always glue drying, you know. So you start to tars. And while the glue is drying on one procedure you go to the next into the next procedure on the Qatar. That's the way he was it wasn't an assembly line. It was tyranny peration. But the idea was to keep it organized. So inspiration. Did not get away from you. Do you have a right to songs of once? I have. Yeah. I'm writing for theatre is the reason I moved to New York in the first place, and I'm writing a piece for the same couple. Jessica blank and Eric Jensen at the exonerated. They have a piece that's as yet untitled. It's about upper big branch that that long wall mine that blew up in West Virginia nine years ago, and I'm writing songs for that. And the core of sauce will be the core of my next record. After the guy record which have got snubbed thanks to being able to put the guy record is going to come out and twenty twenty and it's the more political record that I promised. Talk about Dublin blues for minutes. It's a song, you know, not unfamiliar someone in love with someone else in and then they leave them in there to feelings that go on and people's brains..

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