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Transit boat the route one a one trolley twenty five minute delays due to earlier mechanical issues in the cable to be a twenty four hour traffic center Lamar remote thanks so much Brian and now we go to the eyewitness weather five day forecast with CDS threes Tiffany Simona any rain will come to an end to this evening so we dry out tonight in the clouds will clear out overnight as temperatures dropped to thirty seven by Monday morning Monday afternoon look for plenty of sunshine as high temperatures come to fifty six degrees we keep a mild on Tuesday but the clouds return along with the chance for rain as I temperatures top out around fifty seven rain is looking likely on Wednesday with highs around fifty three rain continues Thursday and we could even see a wintry mix for areas north of the city as I temperatures drop ins in the middle forties and we'll keep that rain chance in the forecast Friday with highs in the lower fifty nine here the broadcast center at three OO four it's overcast with some light rain in the area and forty one degrees N. hearing is scheduled in federal bankruptcy court this Thursday that may determine the future of the Philadelphia energy solutions refinery which has been shut down since last summer's massive explosion and fire he one of you city hall bureau chief Pablo tells the company has accepted a bid for the property what there are some complications we are prepared to do we get our jobs back just lean tree workers rallied outside city hall last week to press their case for keeping the refinery a refinery thirty six thousand workers may part or all of their salary from the refinery the loss of the taxes paid by the refinery in a refinery workers will be devastating to the city P. E. S. last month accepted a bid from a Chicago company.

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