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Cooking tips, and online ordering visit Harris ranch. Chief dot com. Dependable traffic right now. Terrible Sigler problem. The San Gabriel valley. Both directions of the ten all lanes are blocked for a police investigation between San Gabriel boulevard and del mar avenue. Do not take the ten westbound take the sixty westbound and said that doesn't look too. Bad comparatively speaking anyway. Sixty eastbound delays right now from the UCLA interchange down to fifteen in the inland empire in Orange County. It's all over with on the northbound at magnolia crash just cleared out of the carpool and left hand lanes, but through the four oh five northbound slow going from the one thirty three up to beach boulevard, your next report comes your way at five fifty I Mike Morris, AM seven ninety KABC. AM seven ninety KABC market check the Dow closed up one hundred eighty one points, the SNP closed up seventeen points, the NASDAQ closed up forty points. AM seven ninety KABC weather seventy six Whittier seventy one in Santa Anna, seventy two in downtown. Los Angeles seven ninety KABC in HD, now, ninety five point five FM HD, two building in on seven ninety AM, plus get the livestream in the podcast dot com. I'm listener KABC news, KABC news. Sponsored by Amtrak. You need to keep your opinions to yourself. Year. Seven Monday.

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