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Record your made to be broken but records are made to be broken so the atlanta falcons what were you hearing so far amongst our colleagues about their chances to win this game peter well i read try think it really depends i think it depends on the adjustment they can make after very he what bill belichick is doing on two could do one of two things either could totally neuter devonta freeman ryan tevin coleman because that is a huge part of what they do or alright could try to neuter you get you know to try to the new girl young talent and i think i think rich this is going to be a great have spur matt ryan because matt ryan at some point during the game somebody if the falcons win this game they're going to be somebody whether it be taylor gabriel you know whether it be eric wood coming and whether it be you know you know one of those again i mean somebody is going to have to start making i'm huge always for them who's not name julio jones and about they freeman because i guarantee you that bill belichick and matt patricia very mirrored diabolical trying to colton you know the last three or four days saying okay remember we get to marshall faulk fifteen years ago that's what we're going to do the running back remember we did so what so receiver that's what we're going to have julio jones so and then it's going to be up to matt ryan two to make adjustments and i will be with us thousand dollars if kyle shanahan has already have that conversation with matt.

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