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Trying to figure out every time danny and blake mentioned burning people that that was still asleep and i was also clearly preoccupied by making sure i could recall that information if it came up 'cause i knew the episode name was dragon stone about our yeah really gets in there when is when is going to be the oab assode which you're prediction really seven won't be the seventh we only have six left and that's not a lot of me a couple them or longer so i i basically think it's safe to say any episode that's longer is going to have something like spectacular in it but i think we maybe have like one next to quiet episodes left what's the saddest death left nonanimal i was gonna say guests had that'll kill me i think we we really might lose ghost this season which will kill me and i think we lose a dragon foreshore which is going to be tougher people danny dragons this is not a there's no fight then maybe wrote a piece about this is just if she is three dragons and nobody else knows what the fuck they're doing layer how is that a fight but saddest death i think i think the tear in is the one that people will be most like torn up about i agree with you i don't think people will be sad most torna though the yeah that would be really tough as adam sandler movies of any stark i mean any stark death i think just crushes people people will be really devastated about aria but i would rank it sadza nunno aria sadza.

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