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Many support the idea of using green energy, whether it's solar wind, just getting off the traditional power grid. Lake Force spokesman Jonathan Volsky says. The authority estimates 1 to 2% lower electric bills. Those who oppose it. Those say it creates another level of government with the J P A. And they also say there's really no guarantee that anyone will save any money Forwards in Huntington Beach and Buena Park have also signed onto the plan with the option to opt out by next month without penalty in Orange County. Corbin Carson Kay if I need the mom of a nine year old girl who got pepper sprayed by cops in Rochester, New York, says she's suing. I gotta grab a pope says her daughter pose no threat to officers last week and was just upset about a family argument. But now the girl is traumatized, trusted the Rochester Police Department to do what they needed to do tow help My daughter not to abuse our her at all. One of the cops has been suspended and two others around leave. Marilyn Manson's talent agent has dropped him following accusations of sexual and psychological abuse by several women. Singer's record label already had given him the boot, and he got fired from a couple of TV shows. Manson says the allegations are horrible distortions of reality, and, as he puts it, all that his intimate relationships were working, sensual and New Orleans build homes for Napoleon while his brother chose New Jersey. Napoleon never made it to Louisiana, much less America, his brother and the former king of Spain. Jos, though, left Europe after his brother lost the battle of Waterloo. The older Bonaparte settled in Bordentown, New Jersey, where he built a lavish estate called Point breeze. He was there for about 23 years before going back to Europe in 18 39. Not much is left of the estate as it's going through multiple owners, Most recently, a Catholic missionary organization. Local and state officials bought the property for more than $4.5 million last month and are working to turn the 60 acres into a public park to preserve Borden Towns. Ties to the Bonaparte. Family. Michael Closure KF I news. We've got a wreck.

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