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Like, he's the genie's of the family. He's the other Hemsworth. God the point is he got engaged. He's twenty four. She's twenty two her name is Stella McBride. There's not much to say about her other than the fact that she is a visual designer. I think visual merchandiser. She's also this you notice like pace it into the professional coffee attic, she's a union yet or whatever can you get a health insurance? No, it's just union. So you guys just like get together and talk about coffee or you just put professional coffee Atta we get being screeners. We get delivered. Do you go to like meetings, like AA meetings, or whatever notify developed my own special roast can copyright it through the professional coffee addict guild of America east. Well, I'm so glad that you guys have unionized anyway. So this woman, they're they're engaged. They weren't at my lease birthday party though, because they were busy getting engaged and Miley headed twenty-six birthday party. And every story about Miley Cyrus twenty six birthday party could not be less interested, it Miley, Cyrus twenty-six birthday, everything just turns into like their house burned down two weeks ago. They josh. The house burning down is the house breakdown is like number one conversation for these. I that I like Miley spin very purposefully out of spotlight. So like, she probably was like annoyed that she had to like actually celebrate the also the fact that she turned twenty six offensive like she's only twenty old, but they gave five hundred thousand dollars to the relief fund. She and Liam which is nice, which is good. Yeah. Let's good. Good of them. Yeah. So Miley turn twenty six and brace in non engaged. Awesome. Do we have any updates about any of the other children Cyrus member? When one of them in the mom had a Redick decorating show on Bravo. Yeah. What canceled are now. I have no idea. And remember Sylviane went trace dated Brenda song. I do. And then they broke up, and then they got back together again because she's now dating she's with Makoko Malone. Yeah. I gotta the he's aiding some other one because there's a woman in that photo that I sent you tag yourself as a woman in that photo who I cannot identify. Defy think she taggers off. And I wrote brace I'm brazen. But like Brayson wasn't there. I didn't get it. And I didn't know anything. No. Bottles Sierra, Nevada bottles there, and then there's their grandmother there. That's cute. Did that story about how I went to a friend's house? And I didn't know I was invited over to their house. Josh. And I and I didn't know that they lived with their grandmother lived with them. Very sweet. It was really. But I didn't I didn't. I didn't know that going into the experience that we were gonna be at this apartment and the Graham got out front grandma's there. You got out front totally sweet had the best time. Are you having to put that up front? We were sitting at their dining table and play playing board games. And it was the four of us. And then every once in a while like, we're drinking beer, and every once in a while nanna would I mean manna was one hundred eighty every once in a while like nanna would walk by and go got an empties. Wants. And then she'd grab the empty beer bottles and put them in there. She was like your waitress chose your waitress shoes. Very sweet when if it wasn't Anna just a ghost. Are you? Sure, it was a real no it was a real nanna. They country radio personality took to Instagram after taking home the mirror ball throw fee with pro partner Sharon Burgess during Monday's season.

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