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Eric Hanson in for Mike today aren't shepherd host has had his fair share of dust-ups with opponents of the president. But he engaged in a good old fashioned online food fight with conservative columnists. Jody Goldberg this was their opportunity for both to make nice, and they made the most of it. Here's Mike and Jonah Goldberg. I got an on an airplane yesterday and was one of those small commuter jets. I hit my head against the ceiling as I was getting into the seat show hard. I thought I'd knocked myself out. I have knocked myself out. I'm going to collapse on the be unconscious on this plane, and then I kept worried about concussion concussion. That's bad. It was funny because as I was sitting there my head was spinning pounding from hitting the and I hit I smacked it hard. Now, you hit your head so hard your neck hurts because you hit the I mean, listen, I'm I'm not a spring chicken anymore. So time there was a time when I could take a blow to the head and I'd buy bounce back. And I had this this short of just hallucination Jonah Goldberg who I have admired and respected and just treasure for years. Got mad at me once and tweeted at me something smarmy 'cause I was taking him to task over one of his anti-trump columns. I I had to be a hallucination because I'm halfway through his book suicide of the west how the rebirth of tribalism populism nationalism, and identity politics is destroying American democracy. It's a fascinating topic. He's a fascinating guy. We welcome him. Back on our guest line here on the Mike Gallagher show, the great Jonah Goldberg returns Jonah how you been. I'm in good. Maybe severing less blunt force trauma to the head been you. I'm.

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