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Visible almost scorching more nights tomorrow PK I I hope we we have you on again I'm assuming we will help this wasn't too too much for you know eight this would be great I love it it is I'm gonna have to take at least an hour and a half now we'll have to get ready I need to get ready for this to get ready for next time yeah in my courting you have to get the the home version the power play that's right that's right so what we thank you so much for it we appreciate it will make sure we're watching you throughout the the telecast today on sun sports check about Paul Kennedy here on military appreciation night that's right that's right always appreciation that's right that will be thanks BK we appreciate it absolutely before I there goes the greats Paul Kennedy what a nice guy a great professional and glad to have him on the show here his debut on lightning power play in newsradio WFLA alright the pre game is up next we're getting set for lightning and Rangers you're gonna hear from Paul Kennedy Davis get Phil Esposito Eric Roland said Tyler matter rats from SiriusXM HR radio John Cooper and so much more it's coming up next on leading power play and news radio WFLA our money matters on your mind here's David Graham with today's money minute David spade he really looked at what's happening with you you look good easy shock here at the CMA's CMA stands for cowboys making albums that's not what you want to be three on A. B. C. four in tomorrow at the crack of dawn four AM bringing you the big stories happening right now around a trouble spot and stormed in force for cash updated overnight so you can prepare working for you no matter what time you wake up tomorrow starting at four.

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