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The console morning news it's eight oh two right now in the sunshine in downtown Seattle and the current temperature in the city is forty six degrees along with Greg Herschel timeout the factor of near the top stories from the combo twenty four seven news center the same university of Washington projections that have been telling us the peak demand of state hospitals right now is behind us now offers a date when the pandemic as we know it could be over this is all according to CNN and we get more from couples Brian Calvert Colbert nineteen is claimed at least five hundred nineteen lives in Washington and over twenty two thousand lives across the country Dr Christopher Murray at the U. W. says his model has help predict the point in which the first wave will be over it's a threshold of point three deaths per one million Americans or sixty deaths in one day across the country and that should come first week of June again that sixty deaths in one day total right now we're averaging sixty deaths for every one million Americans the prediction is somewhat relieving but Dr Murray says it's also contingent on one very important thing but our models we are at a building in the assumption that social disconcerting is going to stay in place if it doesn't and restrictions are lifted too early he says all bets are off Brian Calvert komo news healthcare workers have tested positive for the virus at a north Seattle hospital como's Joe Marino says this involves fourteen hospital workers first covert nineteen cases at northwest Medical Center started showing up earlier this month the staff who are getting sick all working a former medical surgical unit the distance been converted to serve patients who don't have coded nineteen how the virus to cold still isn't known but hospital officials believe it passed from one staff member to the next most likely when they set an employee break rooms the hospital's medical director says no patients were infected all fourteen nurses and therapists who got sick are now home recovering and are said to be in stable condition starting this week everyone admitted to a U. W. medicine the hospital will be tested for covert nineteen Dr Chloe Bryson Khan says they've been tested in the past but only if the patient was showing symptoms so now we get to add this to every patient with the goal of really keeping the rest of our patients and our health care workers say she says they're able to do this now because of nearby resources I think we're really fortunate with the YouTube clinical virology labs testing capabilities.

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