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I meet George Bush was it as vice president as as a candidate for vice-president. I was very involved in the nineteen eighty Reagan campaign. I was in the seventy six Reagan campaign also, but in the nineteen eighty Reagan campaign when he was successful. I was. One of the communications coordinator for the midwest, privately Illinois, and when leading up to the Republican convention of George Bush was a considered a strong contender for the Republican nomination. So there was a and the boys operatives in the Bush, people supporters in Illinois had a pretty strong organization. And so they're a little bit of friction between the Bush supporters in the Reagan quarters leading up to that convention. And of course, once Reagan got the nomination, and he selected George Bush, then things changed at least at the upper levels. They changed but at some of the lower levels people who are working out in the field and had to deal on a not in a combat role. But certainly not a real friendly role. A number of the Bush people, and I never met George Bush south until after he got the Republican nomination. And of course, once he was Ronald Reagan's choice for the vice presidential possession. He became ours choice and and our candidate. And I had not met him until that summer after the after the convention for the the election. Got underway. And I met him first time. At the Illinois state, fair down in Springfield. When he was attending the fair as the Republican candidate is the candidate for vice president, and I. I was down there doing work for the Reagan campaign at the time. Candidate. Reagan governor Reagan at the time was or former governor Reagan was not there, but we're trying to merge, the two campaign organizations to try to have the strongest possible team, and Illinois, and George Bush was there, and I was asked if I wanted to meet him, certainly I did.

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