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Workday and do a post it note here's a here's how we do it we get him to do it to get into with us yeah yeah nikola we're come on what about the bard where we fall on him the bar all shakes shakes snakes beard yeah willie willie shakes i mean i think he actually has some talent i think he shows promise and i think we should give them a one book deal where your what's your favorite bright future bright future have you read much shakespeare boys i have i would say hamlet such a cop out but like i think hamlets just a great grade play i like goes against the scots the jack nicholson no great movie in max defend no no james l brooks excuse gets as you like it as you like it thank you i'm i'm not close i'm we all put them close about schmid that lands nice because has crossdressing a macbeth boys most of them yeah but this one actually involves no stressing the plot okay i mean also night have that as well there are a few of them that also involve crossdressing within the plot all gets i think the comedies shakespeare was like it's either a tragedy who are guys learn a lady dr and that fucking funny i would call that a comedy timeless i'm beth boy because you got like which is you got like sure the actual played self is cursed feel about mcduff haymond no no man of woman born right they go see i like mcdonalds i also i bet that was the first time where i was like oh shakespeare's and boring fucking dope yeah well see i liked it more when it was explained to me a watch a documentary about then actually reading it to be completely honest pretty good basically the witch misfits explain it to you.

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