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Joe flacco, not considering being a mentor to rookie. Drew lock what he had to say. And what are insider, Mike Klis? Mike Klis rather thinks about it right after traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the tents. John Moores has going now. Well, a lot of people are already at work. But those of us are still trying to make it or find a very slow drive leftover from this morning's commute your westbound boulder. Turnpike drive heavy around Sheridan, and then from just after Broomfield all the way into boulder Dr on southbound I twenty five heavy and slow from hundred twentieth on down past eighty four the crash. Eighty four is cleared to seventy still loaded up in both directions that westbound I seventy six drive still heavy coming down through commerce city and then right around Sheridan. As you make your way westbound out to the Vada area and slow traffic between Kipling and our data and then the Wadsworth exit on westbound. I seventy got a new crash coming in eastbound C, four seventy at Broadway. It's right there at the exit ramp looks like two cards on the right shoulder. That eastbound C four seventy drive is heavy from Wadsworth all the way past Santa Fe and over to I twenty five your I twenty five drive north and southbound I twenty five still real busy as southbound to drive now in the ROY area. You've got a real road up at slowdown on southbound two to five coming down from I seventy because of a crash after Alameda, and then when you clear that you've got the usual spelling for Parker road into the tech center. This report is sponsored by Comcast. Business. Fast is a gig speed network gets business. Doug, the best is technology that makes business boom. Comcast business beyond that take your business beyond. Visit Comcast business dot com. Next update. Eight fifty KOA NewsRadio. Colorado's news, traffic and.

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