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Of the of the dance mix with the original music video or vice versa it's the original mix with the dance yeah but there's a there's an original music video there's a dance music video and there's a wild wild west music video baby hell that's when we're talking about today but yeah huge song massively popular this song what's crazy is in ricky iglesias already had like five albums out yeah this because i think it was his thing it said it was his fourth but it was first englishlanguage one no yeah right he's like the he's like the latin equivalent of three eleven which is the only the highest compliment i can imagine i curious and i feel like i know the answer but that's probably the first time that rica license has gotten compared to three eleven favorably no less yeah no kidding i like to think that at some point owner it was because yeah so like yeah like all the previous albums like all those five albums spanishlanguage audiences you just like the first five self released three eleven albums we're all we're all like the jamaican patois audience and then finally they crossed over to the mainstream and started using their natural californian accent right exactly yeah quite the crossover it's they made it that looks like we made it yeah where we going with this okay yeah just just this is like the this made him a superstar this and i remember i remember like like i remember dancing to this at like middle school dances hell yeah because yeah it was how do you not play beila most at a school dance yeah wouldn't make sense otherwise and how do you not dance at the school dance listening to beila mos exactly i mean he's like let's dance you know i mean that's what beila most means like dancing let's dance you don't wanna make a liar out of him right are you dancing or not you can't just stand by the punch sable.

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