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E didn't give my answer. See, That's what James on the south side of duty. He'll just He'll just derail the whole. Where were we going? What were we doing? He just has a nowhere. We love him for that. Is he giving me $600 for my wedding? I think, as I said, If somehow they give us 2000 he'll give used the 600 that he would have got now. All right. Now, where were we weigh? James has done it. We've been James. Oh, I know the number to 56. No, boy, this is This is how we roll. This is some of the night show goes. I will give you the answer. Maybe I will quiz Kevin Wells as well after can provides us. Well, the headlines of the day he's in the breaking news center. Hello, sir. Hey, Scott. I'm gonna make this news last a little while you're scaring me with that At least 1 march underway in Kenosha Wtmj is Tony bedrock. Is there a few dozen or so protesters on marching through the streets of Kenosha? Right now, Long 54th. There are cop cars in the distance, making sure the traffic can abide as they marched through the streets right now waving flags that read black lives. Matter marching, chanting No justice, no peace, all upset over the decision not to charge the officer who shot Jacob Lake earlier this August in Kenosha, Tony Braddock. WTMJ news. More coverage of today's decision can be found online and on our social media pages. Responses are pouring in from state leaders this evening following the no charging decision that took place this afternoon regarding the shooting of Jacob Blake Governor Evers disappointed with the outcome. He stayed in elected officials took no action when given the opportunity to reform into enhance accountability and promote transparency of policing across Wisconsin Congressman Brian Style Calling it a difficult period for Kenosha also pleading for peaceful protests this evening and beyond. Attorney General Josh call. He's now pressing for criminal justice reform and advocating for statewide use of force standards as long as body cameras for all officers on active duty. All of those statements can be found online wtmj dot com Under Tony Evers and Wisconsin's top health official..

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