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It was a member of Bubbas team. BUBBA? In fact, never I repeat never saw the news. He was just told you like everyone else, and you believed it. A white guy founded told him it was a news hanging. And so contrary to what a lot of people are saying. I do not think this makes Nascar look bad number one. Let's keep it real. Praise the Lord that it wasn't a noose. That's great that we didn't find the news that we didn't have a hate crime in. That's great, so we're all happy about that number. Two. WHAT NASCAR did yesterday for bubble, Wallace was great. Okay turns out. It wasn't necessary. It was unwarranted, but they didn't know that. And you saw Richard Petty you saw Kyle Busch you saw all of the drivers and their teams supporting Bubba Wallace supporting black lives matter supporting that we are moving from the confederate flag, and all that stands for. They were willing to go there. We know their reputation. We know their history. We know much of their fan base, but they were willing to sacrifice that. To move past white supremacy, a racism and embrace racial equality, and so I think NASCAR still. Comes out ahead. I know some people say always an over-reaction. This whole thing is an overreaction, but it shows that they're willing to move on and a lot of fans who want to hang onto the confederate flag should look at some of their heroes Richard Petty. KABUA's the other drivers look at them. See that they're willing to. Move for racial equality. They are some of them. I'm sure probably grew up under the same type of circumstances with the confederate flag, and all that they're willing to move past that I hope their fans will look at their example, and do the same so I I don't blame Bubba one iota because he was just as innocent as anybody else in this, and I still think it's a good look for NAS car. I agree with you Chris a good look for Nascar, but when you look at. Bubble Wallace, you just stated the facts. He didn't find. The News said that he didn't well. The the rope said he didn't see it any of that. He trusted somebody else, but you have to remember the temperature of what's going on. A A week ago around a week ago, we found out that NASCAR was going to ban the confederate flag and after because. Had spoken out about it. He received death threats and all sorts of You know threatening messages right so it is natural. Yeah, so it's natural. That his team and NASCAR would want to protect him and the reason. Why is because we've seen everybody from Hank Aaron to anybody else getting death threats over breaking records ed or anything as it has to relate to sports. So I. Have People on my timelines saying Oh. This is just a small Latte Blah Blah Blah. No, Jesse not even was a fraud who made up a crime paid somebody else. Ryan up like that. That's lame, and he deserved whatever backlash came from this. With, what would bubba Wallace? You have to look at the totality and the temperature of it and people say oh well. He just ran with it instead of waiting on the facts. That's the part that doesn't sit well with me is of you. It's real easy to say. Oh, just oh, just just take a second. You're the guy on your team that you trust. Right says that he found this and you're going to say. Oh, we hold on. No, let's let's investigate orbit, getting death threats and I know math. Our fans historically have been racist. There have been black men hanging from trees for the last three weeks curiously, and we don't know what happened to him, but but but yeah. I'm just GONNA assume that as they go into the tank that that that racist people don't do crazy things they do..

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